Sean Spicer Lies About The Time And Abruptly Flees Press Briefing (Video)

Sean Spicer came into today’s press briefing with a plan. The plan was to talk as much about the “glorious” bombing in Afghanistan, frame the failed U.N. vote on Syria as a “win,” announce that they have actually sent out invites and ordered eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt that the administration has been found to be very slow in organizing and blow through everything else. At the beginning of the press conference, Spicer announced that there was a 2 pm event and they would break to attend that event. The press core would need about 5-10 minutes to move a few rooms over for the “event.”

Reporters tried to ask about the several “flip-flops” the POTUS has done in just the past 48 hours. These include  US involvement in Syria, Russia’s friendliness (or lack thereof), China’s currency manipulation, Fed chair Janet Yellen, the Export-Import Bank and NATO. As some have said, it is enough to give one whiplash. Spicer denied that Trump had flip-flopped at all but refused to address any of the issues except NATO where he insisted that NATO moved to his position, and not the other way around.

When asked about China’s currency manipulation and other issues, Spicer gave an “I’ll let the President address the issue” type answers — punting it as far away as he could.

As the conference went on and reporters kept peppering him with questions, Spicer finally couldn’t take any more heat. He declared it was “literally” 10 minutes to 2 pm and abruptly fled the stage, hastily gathering his papers and notes as he escaped the heat.

One problem for Spicer. C-Span displays the exact “literal” time in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. When he declared it was 10 minutes till the hour, it was actually 14 minutes till the hour — meaning Spicer could have easily taken 2 or 3 more questions.

When he left the stage, reporters still tried to fire questions and asked why he was leaving so suddenly without answering. Hallie Jackson from MSNBC can be heard asking if the POTUS didn’t even know about the Afghanistan bombing before it happened. Of course, people who follow these things know that reporters will always have more questions but this departure was sudden, even for Spicer.

Check out Sean Spicer and his “fast watch” below. Note the actual time in the upper right-hand corner:




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