Sanders SLAMS Trump On Crowd Violence — ‘Donald Trump Is A Pathological Liar’

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both sat down tonight with CNN’s Jake Tapper for a Town Hall style event in Ohio this evening. Sanders was first up on the block, and things got interesting fast.

Tapper questioned Sanders about some of the charges that Donald Trump has made towards him. Namely, that Sanders is deliberately ‘ordering’ his people to go to trump events and cause problems. A charge Sanders flatly and unequivocally denies.

Sanders started off his answer in no uncertain terms after first explaining that he does not enjoy disparaging anyone. A statement that has, for the most part, rang true throughout his decades in public service. Even ‘personal attacks’ against rival Hillary Clinton have been extremely mild compared to what else has been going on in politics in recent times.

‘Donald Trump is a pathological liar. We have never, our campaign never does not believe and never will encourage anyone to disrupt anything. We have millions of supporters, people do what they want to do. People have the right to protest. I happen not to believe that people should disrupt anybody’s meetings.’


Sanders went on to explain that like GOP Senator, Marco Rubio, Sanders has concerns that the violence could eventually result in a loss of life. He cited Trump’s recent boasting that he would pay the legal fees of a man who sucker-punched a protester and was absolutely no threat to the Trump supporter.

Bernie Sanders has made a career out of speaking-truth-to-power. Here he shows that he can go after powerful billionaires as well as powerful politicians.

Check out the hard-hitting clip HERE:

In case you are curious who is telling the truth about who are the ‘aggressors’ in the incident that Sanders describes and Trump defends, see what happened for yourself including how both the attacked and the attacker reacted …

By the way, if you are wondering how people at a Sanders rally react to Trump supporters … WATCH THIS:

As you can see, One side greets the other with violence, the other with hugs. I think Sanders supporters definitely show themselves to be the ‘adults in the room’ over and over.


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