Maddow Reveals Trump Lied About Russian Hacking Report

trump lied about russian hacking report
Rachel exposes the fact that Trump lied about Russian Hacking report

Friday, Rachel Maddow brought to bear one of our best weapons against Donald Trump: his own words. Trump stated unequivocally that the Russian Hacking report said things that it did not say. Trump lied, again, and these lies are monumental.

Let’s start with one of the small ones. Trump stated that the Russians tried to hack the RNC but were unsuccessful, however, that isn’t what the report said:

In fact, they did hack RNC data. They just didn’t — for whatever reason — release the information they now apparently have. Information is leverage. This is an important thing to understand. It is important that the Russians have information about the RNC that could affect them as profoundly as the information that the Russians had — and released — on the DNC. They have this information but did not release it.

What is more dangerous and distressing than the Russians likely holding such information? The fact that Trump lied about it and said they failed to gain access to said information. In writing, in an official press release, when we have access to the document that he lied to us about. He lied to us about potential leverage against his entire party. The party that holds two of three, and shortly all three, branches of our government.

Maddow’s report covers more than just this single whopper. Actually, this lie is described by Rachel as one of the little lies in Trump’s Statement. The big lie, the major one, will take your breath away: Trump stated in no uncertain terms that the Russian hacking was determined to have NO EFFECT ON THE ELECTION. 

The report, however, did not make any assessment as to the effect on the election of the known Russian hacking, fake news dissemination, and focused campaign to discredit Hillary Clinton.

To repeat that: the report made no assessment at all on the effect the Russian activity had on the election. Yet, Trump left his briefing on the full, highly classified report and told us that — not only did they make an assessment — they made one in his favor. Trump lied.

Watch for yourself:

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