Trump’s Cabinet Can Wreck Everything

Republicans believe Trump won the popular vote



LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country where the rich really are different and it’s not just because they don’t pay any taxes.


Rich Privilege comes with a lifestyle entirely different from those of us who are not rich. First of all, the laws of our nation do not apply to them because their money insulates them from any consequences. We see instances of this every day from the “businessman” who repeatedly raped his own young daughter and was released because he was a “job creator” to the student athlete who raped an unconscious coed and was given a slap on the wrist because his family gave large donations to the university.


Cheeto has told us again and again how rich he is and we have seen him commit irresponsible act after irresponsible act as President Elect without one iota of consequence. One undeniable characteristic shared by all rich people, is their desire to get richer. You can be confident that every single act Cheeto engages in will have a money trail attached to it that leads straight back to him.


Rich Privilege also comes with the concept that money in and of itself demands respect. The everyday lives of the rich are so saturated with this false respect exhibited by their paid underlings that they think it should also follow them out into the real world.


President elect Cheeto is obviously a firm believer in this concept and he is mightily distressed that it has not followed him on his great adventure. This is demonstrated virtually every night when he begins his tweet rants against any and all he feels have unjustly maligned his good character.


Here’s the deal. Our laws do apply to you assholes and money does not deserve any respect because you did not get rich unless someone else was screwed in the process more often than not.


Cheeto is simply not worthy and must be removed from power with all due speed.


You can reach me at and you can visit with me, the Pagan Goddess and the Professor every Thursday evening at 10:00PM CST on


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