Republicans Using Religion, Lies And Scare Tactics To Manipulate Voters

When it comes to Bible-thumping and scare tactics to manipulate the electorate, Republicans excel. But the deeds of those preaching Christian morality don’t necessarily match up with the Good Book’s teachings.

Few politicians offer a better example of religious hypocrisy than GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, whose antics on the 2016 campaign trail are hilarious – for a self-proclaimed, God-loving Christian.

Thou Shalt Not Lie

On the night of the Iowa Caucuses, the Cruz campaign was accused of sleazy tricks intended to change the outcome of the election. Rival candidate Ben Carson claimed, “Ted Cruz’s campaign deliberately sent emails to supporters to spread false rumors at caucus sites that Carson had dropped out, so his supporters would caucus for other candidates. That is really quite a dirty trick.”  Time reported.

Of course Cruz soon apologized to Carson, but the damage had already been done. Cruz won Iowa.

Yet the sleaze doesn’t end there. Only days ago, allegations arose accusing Ted Cruz of having 5 extra-marital affairs. Maybe they’re true and maybe they’re not. Like a “good Christian,” Cruz of course denies the claims.

Whether or not Cruz is lying may not be as significant as the idea that there’s a pattern here. While most people believe that all politicians lie, calling outright cheating “dirty tricks” is a far too polite understatement.

There was truly no excuse for what happened in Iowa. Either Cruz didn’t know that a member of his staff was being extremely unethical (which makes him an incompetent manager) or he knew and lied about it. Neither inspires “Christian” confidence.

Thou Shalt Not Try To Get Votes By Scaring People

Republican reality is a far cry from the world most Americans live in. Some of the GOP rhetoric borders on insane, if not blatantly untrue.


Top 10 list: Debunking the claims of the “religious” right (Satire with a heavy dose of truth)

1- Obama has not destroyed the country, as some Republicans have suggested. This is evidenced by the fact that millions of people continue to get up every day, go to work, take their kids to school, and otherwise go about their daily lives exactly as they did under other presidents.

2- The 2nd Amendment will not be erased from the constitution if background checks are required before someone can buy a gun.

3- So-called Christians will not be struck by lightening or burn in hell forever if they bake a cake for a same-sex wedding.

4- Shutting down the government (as Republicans like to do) because you want something you can’t have, is a lot like a child holding their breath until they’re allowed to stick their hands on a hot stove, but on a larger scale. The result is the same – someone gets burned.

5- Telling people that the only way for them to keep their Social Security checks is to cut their benefits is not true. See: Thou Shalt Not Lie.

6- Jesus never said, “Screw the poor and keep wages low so they stay poor.”

7- Slavery was not a good idea, no matter what Republicans say.

8- There are other religions in the world besides Christianity, and there are even lots of atheists. Their believers are not all “evil-doers,” no matter what Republicans say.

9- Using dirty tricks, voter suppression, voting machine tampering, spewing racist remarks, and taking bribes from the donor class are not methods praised in the Bible, no matter what Republicans say.

10- If you can only win an election by deception, lies and appealing to racists, it’s possible you don’t even own a Bible.

For centuries, religion has been used to control the masses. It has also been used as an excuse to start wars, inspire terrorism, and of course, frighten people into voting for candidates who are about as religious as a snake.

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