A Literal Trump Bomb Drop Is Exciting Some Republicans – At Easter?

MOAB bomb, combined with Easter, Jesus, Easter bunny, Easter eggs

Since #Russiagate dominated the news coverage, Trump seems to be doing his best to change the front page. First, the Syria airstrike, and how, he’s dropped America’s largest and most powerful non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan. He always said he would “bomb the sh*t out of ’em,” though he’s done a 180º turn on most of his other campaign promises.

Displays of might are, of course, playing well with some in the Republican base this Good Friday, though some populists are seeing Trump’s military spree as another 180º change in direction from his campaign themes of staying out of global quagmires.

For one tweeting Sheriff, news about the bomb is so inspiring, he is publically suggesting we should use the Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, “Mother of all bombs,” or MOAB, on more targets, like Mexican drug cartels! Because the wall idea just isn’t offensive enough…

Richard K. Jones, of the Butler, Ohio County Sheriff’s Office sees this bomb as a sign that “The U.S.A. is back” and that Trump had kept to his word about “bombing the sh*t out of ’em.”

He had a similar response to news of the airstrikes in Syria, saying “Take that Assad,” “A little love from U.S.A.,” and “We are backkkkk,” along with a GIF of bombs for extra dramatic flourish.

One MOAB costs about $16 million, according to the Business Insider. Social media has pointed to $314 million as the cost for Trump’s ISIS attack, which is the cost of 20 such bombs. Nevertheless, the cost to take out 36 ISIS fighters seems a bit extravagant, even from the perpetually gold-encrusted Trump. We all want to remove the threat of ISIS, but the timing of this attack and the cost are certainly raising questions.

That Trump fans like Sheriff Jones are applauding the show of force as “Making American Great Again” may give Trump more incentive to use the military again in the near future. But dropping cataclysmic weapons on locations in neighboring countries who are allies? To even suggest dropping a MOAB in Mexico is jaw-dropping, brazenly warmongering. A remote area of Afghanistan is one thing, where civilian casualties were unlikely. But Trump is also currently under investigation by the F.B.I. for collusion with Russia, AKA: TREASON.

Shoud Trump be in any position to suddenly drop bombs –anywhere?

And comedy writer Nick Jack Pappas tweeted, we might also look at history to see where this action may take us:

How can any rational human being applaud the military spree Trump has suddenly and shockingly begun while suggesting bombing allies would be making America great? No. Just no. 

Of course, all of this coincides with the upcoming Easter Holiday, which makes the timing especially unsettling to think about.

How are some Republicans reconciling being thrilled with Trump’s literal bomb drop with the lessons of the Easter Holiday? This unsettling question is one probably nobody really has a clear answer for…

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Several examples of Trump supporters who are elated by Trump’s bombing spree below:


Featured image: MOAB bomb from Wikimedia commons combined with Easter imagery from Pixabay.


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