Republican Stupidity Is Destroying The American Dream

It is possible to overestimate the intelligence of certain people but nobody will ever go broke underestimating the stupidity of the American people. On November the 4th this precept was proven when a vast minority of the electorate supplanted one gang of altruistic miscreants with outright liars and stooges servile to big business whose sole intent is to march this country, step by step backwards.

Nothing in the history of this country is more alarming than this new lot of politicians that call themselves ‘constitutional republicans’ when they clearly care nothing about the Republic nor do they seem to know anything about the Constitution. Ask them to name the first 3 books of the bible and they might know the answer. Ask them what the bill of rights are and you will have vexed them with such a testy question they’ll answer, “I don’t know what they are but I am for them.” Has it ever crossed the mind of the general electorate why it is that anyone is willing to spend $150 million dollars to win a job that pays $250,000.

Why did George Washington weep when he learned that we were going to have a bicameral form of government? Perhaps it was because he knew too well that the idea of a loyal opposition was too difficult of a concept for most people to understand. Nixon and McCarthy both took this principle to the extreme and destroyed many American lives and killed millions of people. If you dissent then be destroyed or at least filibuster and if you cannot win based on the weight of your own ideas then lie, cheat, steal and instill fear to the most basic voter, the common white man. Then spend hundreds of millions of dollars scaring the shit out of them because one thing is certain in politics, people vote more out of fear than anything else.

The truth is that for all their banter, Glen Beck and Sarah Palin don’t give a hoot in hell about any of our founding fathers and they know even less about them. Who were they? Were they constitutional republicans? Sort of, if you can excise the fact they were also radical libertine revolutionaries who overthrew the ruling government. They were progressive thinking geniuses that created this nation out of the truest sense of altruism yet witnessed in the course of human events. Altruism is never about self-preservation nor enrichment and take heed Momma Grizzly -if you dare to read- it is not just about speaking fees and book tours -books Madam that you did not write. If I could use enhanced interrogation techniques with Mr. Beck or even better, put him to the question, I am certain he would confess that he often practices rectal ventriloquism and loves farm animals for more than just the meat. Neither of them have the prowess that any other vulgar puppet has and each barely qualifies as a twit.   

These are dangerous people because they do not act out of some sense of altruism but more for self-aggrandizement. Their quest is for power and of course the almighty dollar. Mr. Beck and his ilk have no regard for truth or fact. I wonder if any constitutional republican would hunker down at Valley Forge for a year to prove they believed in this Republic so much that they would risk their own lives? Mr. Beck often speaks as if he were an authority on the founding fathers and as though he holds them in some esteem when the fact is he hates them because all of their achievement was done for the most noble of purposes -to build a new nation, conceived in liberty with the proposition that all men are created equal.

Mr. Beck and republicans do not believe in truth, justice and the American way. Though Lincoln was called a republican, in no way does his party resemble the party that call themselves that today. The party of Lincoln and the GOP today go together like oil and water because Abraham Lincoln would never be beholden to big oil. His principles were such that he would not sell them to some K street parasite. If given the chance the GOP would have us marching back to the days where enslavement was acceptable and creationism was the equal to evolution and the only books we would ever need to read would be the bible, ‘going rogue’ and ‘decision points.’ The kind of damage they have done and will do is the kind that will surely destroy this country. All empires fall, there are no exceptions. It is the old men who hold archaic beliefs that rule this good nation that will surely cause it to fail. It’s as certain as time and gravity because like time and gravity, old men cannot be reasoned with. Their beliefs are set in stone and no heart that beats is made of stone.

No man can speak more eloquently for a dead man than a live man can for himself and it is only the charlatan who channels the dead for profit. Isn’t that correct Mr. Beck? This has only ever been the realm of Clergy or the insane. Beware the man that speaks to your fear while stealing your hope because he is getting more in return than just your money. The master charlatan gets you to pay him to steal your most precious belonging because his supernatural stories seem more fantastic than the grave realities we must face every single day. Realities Mr. Beck will never know and truth he will never tell. Beck cavils ahead using his famous blackboard as if he were instructing rather than deconstructing ideology too complex for his mind. Their world is Christian with a lot of ‘common sense’ which sadly is not the kind Thomas Payne had but the common kind generally reserved for domesticated animals. Where international and world views can be developed because you can see Russia from your house!   

Who is this breed we are sending to Washington anyway? The lowly mutt that is loyal to its master and grateful for the food and care it gets? Or is it a more prissy set of tanned thoroughbred miscreants that seem to always need just a little bit more and who think they deserve a certain way of life that they are accustomed to having? Do they serve because they really want to do what is best for our country? Or are they there to do what’s best for them? The answers to both are as easily calculated as the voting polls. It’s an opulent life for any derelict lawyer that couldn’t make the grade in private life that becomes the politician. Law students who now want to have a hand in tinkering with the law while suckling the teat of power. If they weren’t anything but corrupt then the first thing they would do is outlaw Tobacco. They do not care about the lives of their constituents because their constituents are not getting them enough money to get re-elected. The second thing they would do is pass a law that all campaigns will be allotted the same amount of air time on the tv and radio for free. They are the people’s airwaves not NBC, ABC or CBS. Let’s just admit that it is a lot more fun to spend money than it is to save.

Lord Acton ironically called this game 150 years ago, “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The reason a politician is not a police officer is because he wants his hookers on an expense account. They all have an air of smugness that only the professional liar has because he is astonished that he is awarded for doing what he knows is wrong. There are exceptions to every rule but it doesn’t become a rule for no reason. Does one bad apple spoil the bunch? Would you eat an apple out of a rotten bunch? Sure you would, if you are starving. Only cattle would vote in a new super at the slaughterhouse -if they had a Democracy but when life is so preciously short they’ll trade gridlock for deliverance.

The electorate in this country is so uninvolved with the entire process that they would elect the four horseman of the apocalypse if they thought it would clear up the swamp in Washington. The only thing that makes it more pestilent is water, oil and money and it’s awash with all. The kind of bait that only alligators and crocodiles come crawling towards so they too can be corralled for their scaly hides. There is always the hope for an outbreak of west Nile virus but don’t hold your breath. For the next two years there will only be gridlock because the blue hairs remembered enough to get out and vote but got scared when they didn’t see Eisenhower on the ticket. It has been said that with age comes wisdom. If Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Ted Cruz and John Boehner are reflective of the latest generation of ‘wisdom,’ we are surely doomed. Meet the four horseman America, you got what you voted for!

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Thomas is a disgruntled rake-hell full of piss and vinegar about this last election that he fully intends to unleash on the Goon Commander when he brings his gang of incorrigible reprobates into the White House.

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