Republican Party Freaking Out Over Anti-Establishment Voter Rebellion

The Republican Party must have known this day was coming. After all, they’ve been creating discriminatory voter ID laws and other obstacles to voting for years. They must have known that their gnawing away at the working classes’ American dream couldn’t go unnoticed forever. And they had to have known that people would eventually figure out that income inequality didn’t happen by accident because there’s no such thing as money trickling down to poor people when rich people have more than they know what to do with.

Yet based on how just about everyone discounted the rising anti-establishment candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders until midway through the primary process, they may not have expected the year of voter rebellion to be 2016.

Now they seem to be in a panic, trying to figure out ways to tear down the candidates they don’t want in the White House, particularly Donald Trump. Perhaps what Republicans dislike most about Sanders and Trump is that they’re not afraid to call them out on their corrupt political thuggery.

Republican’s Rig Elections With Voter ID Laws

Just because voter turnout is high, doesn’t mean more people are allowed to vote.

In just a few short years, Republican voter suppression efforts have been highly successful, and as more states sign on to voter ID laws, a reduction in polling places and cuts to early voting time, the numbers keep growing.

A few weeks before the 2014 elections, the New York Times Editorial Board pointed out just how bad voter ID laws really are.

“Republican officials and legislators around the country are battling down to the wire to preserve strict and discriminatory new voting laws that could disenfranchise hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans.”

The problem is not just that people need to show ID to vote, it’s getting the ID card. Even if a person has been voting for years, they are still turned away if they don’t have a very specific kind of ID card, which in some cases is difficult to get.

It could be argued that Voter ID laws are part of a much bigger, far more sinister plan than just stopping millions of people from voting. This year especially, establishment Republicans see a real threat in the concept of one person one vote. Therefore, the only way they can truly stop a voter uprising in future elections is to strip away as many rights as they can, from as many people as possible, and do it in a hurry.

There are Republicans who know that dark money, gerrymandering and voter suppression is the only way for them to retain the power they can’t legitimately earn. And they’ve gotten so used to controlling the outcome of elections, they’re freaking out at the thought of actual voters having a say in the candidates they choose. It seems that Republicans love democracy when they can rig it in their favor, and hate it when it threatens to work as intended.

WATCH: Bill Maher, The Real Voter Fraud.

Featured image: Creative Commons/ flickr/ DonkeyHotey

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