Republican Lawmaker Accused Of Domestic Violence And Pulling A Gun On His Wife

Domestic Violence

Representative Chris Corley, the Republican that trashed his colleagues in a Christmas card saying they lacked morals for taking down the Confederate flag, allegedly beat his wife before pulling a gun on her late Monday night.

The Party Of Family Values And Responsible Gun Owners Rears Its Head Once More.

Deputies in Aiken County, South Carolina have charged Representative Corley with two felonies that could glean a 15-year prison sentence according to CBS affiliate WREG. Corley allegedly beat his wife after an argument over infidelity before pulling his gun on her late Monday night according to the police report.

Unfortunately, his wife wasn’t the only victim in this horrifying incident. The couple’s two children were also so home to witness daddy losing it on mom. Something that is absolutely shocking for anyone to witness let alone small children.

After pointing his gun at his wife and threatening to kill her and then himself, his wife grabbed the children and went to her mother’s house who¬†lives in the same neighborhood.

Corley’s wife said that he only stopped hitting her after he saw blood and heard the children screaming.

Corley’s reason for all of this? He says that his wife tried to punch him in the face after she accused him of cheating on her, deputies said.

Corley remains in Aiken County Jail and is charged with first-degree criminal domestic violence, which carries up to 10 years in prison. He is also charged with pointing a firearm at a person, which has a maximum sentence of five years. No minimum sentencing is set for either charge, however. It could be possible, with the right judge, that Corley could walk with probation and some anger management classes.

The irony here is that Representative Corley’s arrest came after a recent legislative session where lawmakers strengthened sentencing on domestic violence. Governor Nikki Haley made an emphasis on trying to curb the high rate of women in the state killed by men that know them. Corley voted in favor of the stricter sentencing.



(featured image via Aiken County Detention Center and WMBF)

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