Republican Heartburn: Barack Obama’s Approval Rating Soars And He Deserves It

Don’t look now, but while President Barack Obama was watching baseball with commies, kicking up his heels in Buenos Aires and letting the terrorists have their way with us in Brussels, a funny thing has been happening: his approval rating continues to climb.

Not only that, but the approve/disapprove gap is now right-side up 9 points, which is all the more remarkable, considering:

• The magnitude of problems he inherited back in 2009.

• A Congress that conspired to make him own his predecessor’s blunders.

• That same Congress’s refusal to cooperate in righting the ship they helped capsize.

When you think about it, had the GOP leadership been smart, they’d have cooperated with the president’s plan for the recovery every here and there, just so they could point at something positive they contributed. The GM bailout? Sure, why not. 1.5M American jobs in the rust belt looks good at election time. Lily Ledbetter? Aw, shucks…okay, I’ll vote for it just to keep the wife happy. ObamaCare? Okay, you five newbies in the back row, you vote for it, the rest of us will oppose it. That way, if it’s not a complete disaster, at least we can say it was a bipartisan effort.

Nope, nope and nope.

At every opportunity, they handed this President a clean slate. He’d either get ALL the blame if it fizzled, or ALL the credit if it soared. And in almost every instance, he’s come out smelling like a rose and they’ve come out smelling like a cesspool.

The one lone exception to a policy decision Barack Obama executed on his own that the GOP couldn’t let slip by…that they tried to steal credit for, was the mission to take out Osama bin Laden. To this day, I don’t think most Americans appreciate the gambit this president took when he green-lighted that op, nor the courage it took, politically. Whereas the fat, lazy warthog known as Karl Rove immediately recognized the potential impact of the success of the bin Laden mission, so within 24 hours of its announcement, he launched the following talking point; “President Obama deserves some credit, yes, but so too does George W. Bush who put all the pieces in play.”

Never mind that that was 100%, unadulterated horse shit, and never mind that the only ones stupid enough to believe it were the ones still seething at this president’s run of successes. It was Barack Obama who gave the order to hunt down and take out Osama bin Laden. Nobody else. The Bushies abandoned their hunt for bin Laden back in 2005 when the CIA dismantled Alec Station.

But I digress.

Obama rescued the economy, created more jobs than any president in recent times, killed bin Laden, closed the book on a half-century old policy of stupidity regarding one of our closest neighbors, put weapons inspectors back in Iran, signed legislation to guarantee equal pay for equal work, patched up the open sores left between America and Europe following the Bush era, brought healthcare to millions, reduced the deficit by two-thirds and cut the unemployment rate in half. And he did ALL THAT, without a single Republican pinkie being lifted in assistance. They get ZERO credit. He gets it all.

Ergo, the 53/44 approval rating by Gallup, at long last. And by the way, Reagan’s approval rating on this date in his presidency? 51%.

Bruce Lindner, Staff Writer

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