WATCH: ‘Mean Girl’ GOP Congresswoman Caught On Camera Calling Local Party Chair Fat (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) got caught on camera telling a colleague she'd eaten too much pork barbecue. She then lost her seat to George Holding.

Rep. Renee Ellmers fat-shames a colleague, doubles down on her remarks, then loses GOP primary race.

When Donald Trump endorsed Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) in her primary race against GOP challenger, George Holding, it must have been because like attracts like.

On Tuesday, WNCN caught Renee Ellmers on video as she breezed by Maggie Sandrock at a polling place and made an incredibly vile, fat-shaming remark:

“You’re eating a little too much pork barbecue. Whoo!”

The GOP congresswoman’s snarky comment may have something to do with the fact that Sandrock, the Republican Party Chair for Harnett County, withdrew her previous support for Ellmers and is backing her rival instead. When asked about Ellmers’ childish taunt, Sandrock replied it’s just “typical Renee.”

“Typical Renee. She has become a mean girl on steroids in my view.”

When WNCN/CBS North Carolina asked Renee Ellmers about her casual misogyny, she refused to apologize and instead doubled down.

“She’s gained some weight. Yeah. She’s put on a little weight.”

Donald Trump would likely praise her for “telling it like it is.” When the reporter asked if Sandrock is a friend of Ellmers’, she replied, “yeah, I know her. She’s actually, I think she lives in Lillington, but she’s part of the Republican Party.” She then added, “sure.” When the reporter inquired as to whether the county GOP chair sees her as a friend, the congresswoman answered, “Mmm, I don’t know.”

The reporter then spoke with Maggie Sandrock. As it turns out, her feelings towards Renee Ellmers are more nuanced, and she doesn’t look at all fat.

“This is not personal. I think she’s a lovely woman. She has a great family. She has been a member of this community forever. She’s a nurse. She’s a caregiver. I would consider her a friend, but certainly not a good one. Good friends don’t tell you you’re fat or you’re getting fat. They may say, ‘Everything going well Maggie? You look a little stressed out. But they don’t say, ‘Too much pork barbecue, Maggie.’”’

Renee Ellmers learns the hard way that karma’s a bitch.

Alas for Ellmers, she wound up learning the hard way that Karma’s a bitch when she lost the Republican Party’s primary race to George Holding. This puts her out of the running for her seat in Congress for the general election.

And, as it turns out, George Holding nothing but good things to say about Maggie Sandrock.

“One lady down in Harnett County, Maggie Sandrock, got there at 6:15 this morning and worked until 7:30 this evening. And her story is typical of a lot of the other volunteers who are out there as well.”

When asked about Renee Ellmers pork barbecue comments, he replied:

“Maggie is just a wonderful lady and I am just really honored to have her support. You know, she worked that poll from 6:15 this morning to 7:30 tonight and to have someone like that who will stand up for you is just really humbling and honoring to me.”

WATCH: Renee Ellmers makes snide comments about a colleague’s weight, then doubles down on her remarks.

Featured image: Video screen grab WNCN.

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