Red States Are Proving That Their Corporate Welfare Policies Don’t Create Jobs

In another blow to the legitimacy of conservative Republican economics, Red states are proving that giving more money to the rich does not create jobs. It doesn’t raise workers out of poverty either. However, it does have a profound affect on state budgets. It causes them to have deficits so huge, even cutting programs and services for the working class is not enough to make up for them.

Things have gotten so bad in Republican controlled states, US News & World Report called the GOP, “The Party of Red Ink.”

Look at states governed by Republicans, however, and it seems that the GOP might need a collective refresher course in economics, if not general math… at least a dozen red states are awash in red ink, facing nine- and ten-figure deficits

Some of the biggest fiscal disasters caused by Republicans feeding the corporate welfare beast are:


Kansas Republican Gov. Brownback decided to give away the store as far as tax cuts are concerned. Now the entire state is paying the price.

New Jersey

The tax cut giveaways of Republican Gov. Chris Christie haven’t gone any better in New Jersey.

Christie’s spending, minus the revenue the state used to get before blowing a hole in the budget with corporate welfare tax breaks, has taken the state into a $1 billion hole.


Former Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-Unemployed) did such a horrible job of managing his state, he ran up a $1.6 billion deficit after supporting the largest tax cut for the rich in the state’s history.

Stop voting Republican: Problem solved

What all of these Republican governors seem to have in common is that it never occurs to them to reverse their tax cuts in order to bring budgets back into balance. Instead, they cut programs and services that help working class people in their states.

That has to make you wonder if Republicans are just plain stupid, or they think their constituents are. Perhaps, it’s a combination of both.

What these Red state lawmakers also don’t say is that there is no such thing as coincidence in politics. In the most obvious sense, these corporate welfare policies are nothing but a redistribution of wealth scheme that use state and local governments as the transfer agent. And it is exactly these policies that are fueling the explosive growth in income inequality throughout America.

This is not something Republicans, or any other fiscally responsible lawmaker should be proud of. Deliberately causing deficits so rich people can have more money is reckless and completely irresponsible.

While most people would prefer not paying taxes they are a necessary evil. They pay for things like roads, schools, water treatment plants, healthcare for the poor and disabled veterans, and a whole host of other government functions.

So-called small government Republicans need to remember that, before they literally un-tax this country into third-world status, just so millionaires can get a free ride.

Featured image: Maximiliano Misa Méndez

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