Rep. Adam Schiff Just Roasted The GOP Chair Of The House Intel Committee (VIDEO)

Pictured is Adam Schiff (left) and Devin Nunes (right) the ranking member and chair of the House Intelligence Committee

Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, made an odd choice today to circumvent the committee and go directly to Trump with new findings showing that persons involved with the Trump campaign had their conversations “incidentally collected” during normal foreign surveillance.

Needless to say, the rest of the committee including the ranking Democrat Representative Adam Schiff, were not happy with his poor decision.

Nunes‘ decision to play surrogate to Trump just proved to the American people who Republicans lack the integrity necessary to conduct a thorough and non-biased investigation into the Trump campaign’s potential collusion with a foreign power in order to subvert American Democracy.

Maybe it’s time for an independent commission.

The damage Nunes just did, not only to his own reputation but to the reputation of the committee as a whole, does not bode well. This committee is a representation of the citizenry of the United States and one of the only ways we can interact with our intelligence community.

As opposed to conducting himself with integrity and maintaining the integrity of the investigation currently being conducted by the House Intelligence Committee, he ran to Trump as soon as he learned that information had been incidentally collected on members of the Trump campaign and perhaps Trump himself. The committee is now compromised and either Nunes must step down as chair or an independent commission must be formed. Nunes has abdicated oversight.

Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat had a lot to say on the matter. Namely that Nunes should decide if he is the chair of the House Intelligence Committee or a surrogate for the Trump White House.

Watch Representative Schiff calmly berate Trump’s lap-dog below and be sure to call your representatives to demand an independent commission. It will be necessary to prevent any further treacherous actions by Republicans.



(Featured image of Schiff and Nunes via screen grab)

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