Radical Christian Homegrown Terrorists -Why They Don’t Recognize They Are The Other Side Of The Coin

Two sides of the corroded coin -American hate groups and terrorists abroad
Two sides of the corroded coin -American hate groups and terrorists abroad
As the Presidential race kicks into high gear, the time-tested strategies of the GOP to work their base into a frenzy become more and more transparent.  How can we get our base to focus their limited attention spans on things other than issues like making life better for the American lower and middle class? What foe, real or imaginary, can we paint in such a way as to make it loom large on the imminent horizon, threatening to destroy anything and everything we can think of?
Well, of course, this cycle, it’s been predictably less about the LGBT community, who have gained civil rights recently, and more about the Latinos and Muslims.  It can shift at any moment, but that’s where the effect seems to be most brain paralyzing today. It’s oh so easy to make out that Mexicans, Obama, Hillary, and Muslims are murdering everything the conservative hold hear. They must surely be to blame for why their lives are so miserable, their impoverished existences are such a struggle, and their hopes will only every be realized if they can allow their fearless leaders to squelch those minorities and even our President as much as possible. It’s a tried and true way for the Republicans to stir their loyal voters into going to the polls. If they don’t, then THOSE people will steal away their country because America is really all for them exclusively. Just like heaven is all for them – the golden carrot dangled in the sky to make them ok with mediocre existences working for the Man.
While the GOP paints the typical crude and ugly pictures, the news of events here at home begins to chip away, eroding the image that they are trying so hard to implant in the minds of the ignorant. Right here on their home ground, a crazed militia group takes a wildlife refuge, looking more and more like what they are — home grown right wing terrorists. Rabid with the values the GOP tries to cultivate so carefully -they are a direct result of conservative propaganda. Flailing in vain like so many limp dildos received by mail, this militia gained such media coverage as to eclipse the news of ISIS here in America. The GOP stewing process resulted in these guys and opened up a can of whoop-ass on itself. It’s actually kind of darkly amusing to watching in some ways.
As is customary, extremists strike out on a warpath against those, who if you have any objectivity, are like two sides of the same corroded medieval coin. A terrorist group which arises out of extreme views that they and only they have the correct world-view -that their morality is superior and just, and that all others are enemies and must be destroyed. It’s the path to the very dark side, and it’s one that right-wing American extremists and ISIS share. They are both working under the influence of the very same negative energies of hate, fear, and destruction. They just don’t recognize it about themselves, so brainwashed by the cult of their choosing, their brand of religion warped into something unrecognizable and hideous.
It’s a little like watching a venomous Tea Party Snake attempting to eat its own tail, choking and writhing on the ground as the world watches in disdain.  The birds fluttering at the Malheur refuge in Oregon must be relieved they don’t have to see it presently, but now that the ridiculous anti-government standoff has subsided, federal authorities have warned law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for more psychotic shenanigans. In retaliation for being so summarily rendered impotent by watching Ammon Bundy and crew go to their forever snack homes, it seems the other militia groups, frenzied by the thoughts of Hillary and Obama, and *gasp* a dad-barned socialist coming for their inexhaustible supply of semi-automatic weaponry, have proven themselves just as threatening as other terrorists who don’t claim patriotic American citizenship.
The Department of Justice felt the need to revive its monitoring of domestic extremists/terrorists. The Southern Poverty Law Center found that the GOP is a leading advocate for hate groups. The number of hate groups rose by 14% from 2014 to 2015 with anti-government “patriot” groups rising at the same rate.  Now with Donald Trump and friends in the fray and fueling the fire, it is likely that we’ll see more violence and criminal acts that are a direct result of the polarizing message of Republicans.
“These messages by mainstream political figures were often amplified by right-wing media outlets, adding to the sense of polarization and anger across the country – an atmosphere that may be unmatched since the political upheavals of 1968. With the new year beginning with armed militiamen seizing a federal wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon, the extremist threat in the United States appears likely to get worse before it improves.
See how American Militia groups have reacted to having a black man in the White House and see more here.

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Matthew Silvan is a gay man from the American South who has spent years fighting against the scapegoating and demonization imposed on the LGBT community by Republicans and religious hypocrites and zealots. His writing reflects the constant struggle to overcome the inequality and discrimination still rampant in America. He is an advocate for diversity and progress, with a passion for nature and preserving the environment, who also tends to approach things in a lighthearted way despite it all.

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