High Schooler Confronts White Teacher: Checks His Privilege in less than 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

(image via screengrab)

Today, with the Trump campaign emboldening racism and ushering in a new era of bigoted hate crimes, it comes as no surprise that many minorities are feeling more marginalized today than they have in the last decade. This drove a high school student at North East High School in Oakland Park, Florida to check her white teacher’s privilege after he made a comment about not wanting the U.S to become a “Latin nation”.

Young People are making a Stand against Racism

Young people across the nation staged walk-outs leaving their schools in droves in protest to Donald Trump’s election on November 8th. Not even old enough to vote, yet these teenagers may be the most politically engaged generation of youth in history.

The fact these younger millennials are so aware of their political environment should give many of us hope. Hope for the changes that need to take place in our nation regarding issues like race and the changing climate of the planet. They need to get this early start. They will have a lot of work to do when it comes to battling the entrenched policies of the last century.

Racism goes Mainstream as more are Emboldened

It is especially important that young African-Americans become politically engaged. With experts saying that this postelection climate is spiking hate crimes more than post 9/11 America, many minorities are at risk for violence geared toward them.

African-Americans have already been experiencing a disproportionate injustice in treatment from police. However, they are now facing more vitriol from the emboldened racism of angry white bigots.

Regardless of who you voted for in this election, if you feel that racism is a monstrosity, there is only one way to stand. And taking no stand is as good as allowing the hate to continue.

Watch this strong, articulate young woman check this teacher’s privilege below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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