Racist’s Vicious Rant Caught On Video By Appalled Bystander: Victim ‘Could Be My Mom’ (Video)

"Send them back to their own f---ing country," an angry woman with a thick New jersey accent sneers in Simoni Lovano's video.

“Send them back to their own f—ing country,” an angry woman with a thick New jersey accent sneers in Simoni Lovano’s video.

The 27-year-old New Brunswick, N.J. resident told NJ.Com he captured the footage of the still-unidentified woman’s unhinged racist rant at a Sears on Sunday. Apparently, immigrants aren’t just to blame for lack of well-paying jobs and punitive taxes on rich people. This woman also blames them for long waits in the checkout line.

Simoni Lovano explained the woman seemed upset about a family using coupons at the cash register, because it made the wait longer. He even agreed that the lack of open cash registers was a problem, because it took “about 20 minutes” to handle all the coupons. But he drew the line when she cooked up her crazed conspiracy theory before astonished customers’ very eyes.

After muttering about the coupons for a few seconds,the woman suddenly snapped,

“Send them back to their own fucking country!”

She then called for a manager and claimed the cashier was giving the customer preferential treatment because they’re supposedly both “Indian.”

“You got an Indian waiting on an Indian, that’s what it is.”

Another customer bluntly pointed out, “they’re not Indian.” The woman began to retort, “I don’t know what the hell they are…” but was interrupted by another person who snapped, “that has nothing to do with anything.”

Simoni Lovano regrets not standing up for the cashier and the family at the cash register.

“My mom is actually a very active [coupon user]. So when I was looking at this family, I thought about the fact that this could be my mom.”

But he hopes his video will go viral so he can donate any money it earns to nonprofits that help immigrants. Simoni Lovano and his family arrived in the U.S. from Sicily when he was little, and he now works in the biotech industry.

On Tuesday, he told New Jersey 101.5:

“Nobody intervened to actually address her hateful comments. I feel guilty as well that I didn’t speak up. I was so angry I was almost shaking and it was very hard for me to say something.”

He adds that one of the Latina women being attacked even apologized to him.

“Nobody really defended her on the hateful comments. She actually felt she was the one at fault. That is the saddest part of all.”

Simoni Lovano adds he was taken aback that something like this could happen in a diverse area like New Brunswick.

“This is something that is happening right here in New Brunswick, New Jersey, a very diverse area. This is not in the backwaters of Tennessee. This is here.”

NJ.Com and other news outlets have reached out to Sears but have not yet heard anything back.

Watch: Simoni Lovano catches woman’s vile racist rant on video.

Featured image: Video screengrabs via Simoni Lu Vanu/YouTube.

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