Racist Couple Accosts Black Family In Restaurant: ‘My Ancestors Owned Your @ss, B*tch!’ (VIDEO)

Black family to racist couple: "This is what racism looks like, guys. Isn't it beautiful?"

Black family to racist couple: “This is what racism looks like, guys. Isn’t it beautiful?”

It all started when a black teenager called out a racist couple for disrespecting her in a restaurant as she walked by. Alas, this Sunday encounter at a Chesters in San Antonio TX shows racism rearing its ugly head.

Media Takeout shared the video on Facebook and in less than 12 hours, it got over 1.4 million views.

When the young lady went back to her family’s table and told her mom what happened, her mom reacted as many mothers would. She marched right over to that racist couple’s table and demanded to know what they’d said to her daughter.

“Did you just tell my daughter to shut the fuck up?”

When the racist couple merely shrugged and grumbled inaudibly, the daughter walked up to them while live video streaming to Facebook with her cell phone and announced::

“So, Facebook, this is what racist people look like.”

At this point, you’d think the racist couple would (at best) say they’re sorry or (at worst) pretend their astonishingly rude behavior had nothing to do with racism and make up some excuse. Like, perhaps they curse at random white teenage girls as they walk by, too. Instead, they doubled down. While the woman smirked and stuck out her tongue, the man trilled “hello, Facebook” and waved.

As you can imagine, things went from bad to worse as both sides unleashed a blistering  hail of f-Bombs. Nor did it take long for the racist couple to trot out the n-word and call them “monkeys.” The white woman then sneered “my ancestors owned your ass, bitch” and declared “black people don’t belong in America.”

The mom defiantly shouted back, “I was born here! I was born right here!”

And what did the mostly-white staff and customers at Chesters do while all of this was going on? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Shame on them.

Watch: Racism exposed by live streaming teenager.

The people at Facebook likely never imagined that their new live video streaming feature would be used to blow the lid off of racism in America. But that’s what seems to be happening. In fact, one of the first live stream Facebook videos to go viral was the tragic aftermath of Philando Castile’s unprovoked murder by a police officer.

Thankfully, no one died or got hurt during this vile confrontation. Still, it says something incredibly sad about our country that a black family can’t even enjoy a casual meal together without fear of harassment. And what’s even sadder is that it is likely (given how the video was introduced) these folks had just gotten out of church.

So much for our being a “Christian” nation.

Featured image: Video screengrab, Media Take Out via Facebook.

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