Black Mom Reports Her Child Was Assaulted. Racist Cop Arrests Her Instead (VIDEO)

Racist Cop
Shown is Ms. Craig being tasered and arrested (image via screen grab)

Fort Worth, Texas: A racist police officer responded to a call from Jacqueline Craig who just wanted to report that an older white male had assaulted and choked her seven-year-old son.

What should have happened is that the man who assaulted her child should have been jailed with felonious assault charges against a minor. What actually happened is Ms. Craig and her two daughters being tasered and arrested by the fascist cop.

Another Racist Cop Keeping His Job After Brazen Discrimination.

When the cop first arrived on the scene the video shows Ms. Craig stating her case to the officer. She says that her seven-year-old son was assaulted by the man in question who guiltily stands in the background. The reason for the felonious act? The young child had thrown a piece of paper on the ground.

As opposed to what one would think the proper response of outrage should be by the officer, he instead asks why Ms. Craig doesn’t “teach her son not to litter.” Forget that a felony assault was just committed on a child.

This, of course, made Ms. Craig very upset. The officer asked, “why are you yelling?” Ms. Craig’s response was straightforward. She said he had “pissed her off.”

The racist officer then replies that if she pisses him off she is going to jail. That was when Ms. Carver’s daughter stepped up to try to calm her mother as the other videotaped the scene and all hell broke lose.

The officer immediately grabbed her daughter and threw her and pulled out his taser and assaulted Ms. Craig then began his terrorist attack on the rest of the family.

He arrested three innocent women that day. Women whose only crime was to be black and think they could trust the police.

Watch this sick racist below and tell us what you think in the comments. Feel free to show your support for Ms. Craig and her family here on Facebook. And feel more than free to give Fort Worth PD your thoughts on this guy still having a job here.


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