Armed White Supremacists Booed And Driven From Their Own Rally By Outraged Protesters (Videos)

The Ku Klux Klan held a rally in Charlottesville, Va. But instead of intimidating onlookers as they'd hoped, they got overwhelmed by counter-protesters.

What if you held a Ku Klux Klan rally and nobody came? On Saturday, KKK marchers with guns gathered in Charlottesville, Va. to stir things up.

But instead of striking fear in the hearts of onlookers as they’d likely hoped, they got run out of town through a gantlet of outraged counter-protesters.

Here’s a video from QMcCray showing the KKK marchers being escorted from by local police in riot gear.

The Washington Post reports the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan organized the march after the local City Council voted to take down a statue of the Confederate general, Robert E. Lee. Since they came all the way from Pelham, N.C., this must bother them a lot.

Here’s a photo of the much-loathed statue this racist hate group so desperately wants to protect.

Despite police setting up two video cameras to protect the statue, someone managed to tag the base overnight.

KKK marchers vastly outnumbered by counter-protesters.

Only around 20-30 KKK marchers showed up, some holding Confederate flags and sporting holstered guns, white robes, and matching pointy hats. [UPDATE: WTVR reports around 50 white supremacists showed up.]

Yes, this is 2017.

When they arrived at Justice Park, they found themselves besieged by hundreds of protesters, according to The Daily Beast‘s Gideon Resnick.

Some shouted, “White power!” only to be drowned out by hundreds of protesters chanting, “Racists go home!” [UPDATE: WTVR reports over 1,000 counter-protesters turned out.]

Good thing they’ve got that all that police protection.

Here, you can see the cops have formed a wall between the KKK marchers and the protesters. Here in America, some people’s freedom of speech is more important than others.

A couple of hours later, the KKK marchers finally left amid loud boos and jeers.

Today, it’s easy for many of us — especially white people — to see the Ku Klux Klan as a joke. But our grandparents and many of our parents remember when they were feared for their bombings, cross-burnings, and lynchings. Because, make no mistake, they’re a white terrorist group formed to resist freedom and equality for blacks during the Reconstruction and Jim Crow eras.

The law may be on the side of former slaves and their descendants. But laws meant nothing, when people in power kept looking the other way when it came to the Klan’s  campaign of violence, intimidation, and terror.

It therefore comes as no surprise that Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan member James More declared before the KKK march, “It’s an open-carry state [in Virginia], so our members will be armed.” He then angrily added:

“The liberals are taking away our heritage. By taking these monuments away, that’s what they’re working on. They’re trying to erase the white culture right out of the history books.”

More scenes from the KKK rally and counter-protests in Charlottesville, Va.

Here are some more videos and photos from the rally from Sébastien Blanc‏ (loosely translated from the original French).

The KKK marchers were surrounded by anti-racist protesters.

Left-wing counter protesters sing and dance while waiting for the KKK marchers to arrive.

What was supposed to be a KKK rally now looks like a Gay Pride event.

Because in the long run, love will hopefully trump hate.

Still, this isn’t the first KKK rally, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Featured image: Composite with video screen grabs from QMcCray and AFP’s Sébastien Blanc‏ via Twitter.

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