No, Black Lives Matter Is Not ‘The Same’ As The KKK: ‘It’s Our Babies That Are Dying’ (Video)

People claim Black Lives Matter wants to "erase our history" and they're "the same" as the KKK. Kandice Webber tells KHOU why that's a load of B.S.

People claim Black Lives Matter wants to “erase our history” and they’re “the same” as the KKK. Kandice Webber, a BLM leader in Houston, Texas tells KHOU why that’s a load of B.S.

On Saturday, over 350 protesters flocked to downtown Houston, Texas to protest a Confederate Statue. Around 75 others showed up to defend the statue, a buff, glowering, butt-naked angel whose private parts are obscured only by a palm frond and a rather long sword. When asked about whether events in Charlottesville would affect turnout, Kandice Webber answered:

“I think there is some fear now. But honestly, those people that are afraid to show up post-Charlottesville weren’t really showing up as much pre-Charlottesville.”

KHOU reports unlike last week’s horrific violence in Charlottesville, this event went peacefully. For starters, organizers worked with police beforehand to ensure that there would be a wide buffer space between the pro-statue and anti-Confederate statue crowds.  The Houston Chronicle adds that until January, when Donald Trump took office, Houston wasn’t much of a protest town. In fact, they’d rarely ever had more than 100 protesters at an event.

A KHOU reporter walked around with a video camera to capture footage from the protest and interviewed Kandice Webber. First, he asked her what she thought of the white supremacists’ claims that — by wanting Confederate statues taken down — Black Lives Matter wants to erase their history. He then asked what she thought about all the comparisons between Black Lives Matter and the KKK floating around.


Her answers were brilliant. Below is nearly an hour’s worth of the raw footage KHOU posted on Facebook. Kandice Webber’s brilliant debunking of false equivalence begins at the 11:15 mark. We’ve also included a video below that goes straight to the interview with Webber.

Kandice Webber: Black Lives Matter is not trying to “erase history” by protesting Confederate flags and statues.

When asked to address white supremacists’ claims that Black Lives Matter is trying to erase white people’s history and heritage, Kandice Webber insisted no one’s trying to “erase” anything.

"We’re not here to erase history. We can’t erase history. The slavery, the terrorizing of black people, the enslavement of black people, it’s a blood stain on this country’s history, and it cannot be washed out, it cannot be erased.

And we’re not trying to erase anything. We are expecting everyone to hold themselves accountable. Acknowledge it. It’s history. History belongs in books that tell the real story. History belongs in museums, it does not belong on the streets that we walk every single day.

"That’s not how you celebrate history, that’s not how you respect history. Because in celebrating your history, to have your Confederate flags and these Confederate statues, it’s disrespecting me, and putting me in a more victimized state. By having to watch you celebrate what ultimately was built to harm me, that’s not how you do that.

“We promote peace one hundred percent, all of the time.” — Kandice Webber on Black Lives Matter.

Kandice Webber then went on to make mincemeat out of the claim that there’s no difference between Black Lives Matter and the KKK.

"We promote peace one hundred percent, all of the time.That has been consistent through the black movement. People are trying to equate Black Lives Matter with the KKK. I’m going to tell you the fundamental difference. The KKK was organized and grew because white people thought that they were better than me.

They wanted to make sure that I understood that they thought that they were better than me. They set up ways to continuously oppress me. They set it up in the education system. They set it up in the judicial system. They set it up so that every time we encounter social issues, we were sent a message loud and clear, that ‘we think we’re better than you. And we will put you in your place.’

Black Lives Matter, we were revived, we were brought together to fight the oppression that we feel every day. We come together and we protest. We fight for social justice because it’s our babies that are dying.

So when the KKK is killing us, we’re fighting to live. We don’t come here strapped with loaded weapons. You can look around this crowd, you’re not going to find people with loaded guns here. we didn’t come out here for that. But these militia, these supremacists, they will march down our streets in broad open daylight, in black neighborhoods, with their semi-automatic weapons terrorizing our children.

"Why would they do that? What is the point in that? That is a show of force. So, Black Lives Matter, we’re here to protect the children that are being tormented by these white supremacists. It is a complete difference, it is a 100 percent difference. We’re fighting for life. they’re fighting to keep killings.

Watch Kandice Webber brilliantly debunk white supremacists’ outrageous claims.

Earlier, Kandice Webber also told KHOU, “My grandparents fought this fight. I’m fighting this fight. But I’ll be damned if my grandbabies have to fight this fight.”

Featured image: Video screen grab | KHOU via Facebook.

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