Halloween Decoration Features Two Effigy’s Of African Americans Being Lynched

Halloween Decoration

In Kendall, a community in South Florida, a man has decided that lynching effigy’s of people of color is a good idea for Halloween decoration.

The decorations were noticed by Louis Guenand, a neighbor of the home in question. Louis says he spoke with the man responsible for the decorations and explained why they are so incredibly offensive. However the man, who has yet to be named, simply told him he was being too sensitive.

“I am very offended. I’ve contacted the owners association and I even talked to the guy responsible of this horror. He is saying that it’s just a decoration and I am too sensitive… The guy won’t take it down, pretending we are ignorant it’s Halloween” -Louis Guenand

“The two men are faceless, but their skin appears to be dark. They’re each wearing traditionally “hip-hop” clothing: One of the dead men has a sports jersey on and a crooked baseball cap, and the other has his pants sagged low,” according to Jerry Iannelli  of the Miami New Times.

Pretending that it is okay to perform a mock lynching in your front yard is not okay. Especially considering that, just 60 short years ago, is wasn’t out of the norm to see people of color being lynched by white supremacists. The only ignorance on display here is the ignorance and privilege this man is showing with his insensitivity over his Halloween decoration. This does not make African-Americans feel welcomed in the community.

The homeowner declined to say which Presidential candidate he is supporting, but with allegations flying that Trump supporters are angry old racists, we can only speculate at this juncture.

Halloween Decoration

Considering that the cost of a cheap white pillowcase is 99 cents on eBay while a burlap sack can run you up to 26$ or more, it would seem the homeowner went out of his way to make the decorations seem more aligned with people of color.

No we aren’t ignorant that it is Halloween. We also aren’t ignorant to our nation’s history. It isn’t being sensitive. It is being considerate.

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