‘Small Gov’t’ Activist Bullies Woman On Facebook, Then Sends Racist Maxine Waters Meme

"Small government" activist Gloria Mendoza's on the rise after scoring a win for her group. Then she sent a racist Maxine Waters meme to the wrong person.

“Small government” activist Gloria Mendoza’s on the rise after scoring a win for her group. Then she sent a racist Maxine Waters meme to the wrong person.

Back in April, her live-streamed rant at a city council meeting in Santa Fe, N.M. helped derail a proposed soda tax to fund preschool programs. The New Mexican reports thousands watched the video and it “helped spark a movement that led to the creation of a group of city and county residents and former residents called Santa Fe Power.”

Now, Gloria Mendoza and her cohorts are trying to line up a slate of candidates for the upcoming elections for city council and mayor. These efforts may be undermined her quick temper and her bigotry.

It all started when Santa Fe resident Valerie Kennedy posted a comment to an article on The New Mexican’s Facebook page calling Mendoza a “bully” and a “hate-filled nuisance.” Kennedy had also posted a photo on her own timeline with a reference to Rep. Maxine Waters’ repeatedly having to reclaim her time in a hearing because Steve Mnuchin, Donald Trump’s treasury secretary, kept trying to run out the clock by not giving straight answers to her questions.

Gloria Mendoza must have creeped on her timeline, because Kennedy soon received an image comparing Maxine Waters to an ape sporting a similar hairstyle via Facebook Messenger.

An incensed Valerie Kennedy took a screen shot and declared that she’d share it far and wide.

Your racism is duly noted. Thank you for sending. I’ll be sure to share it with everyone I know.

Here’s the screenshot.

Photo: Gloria Mendoza's racist meme with Rep. Maxine Waters next to an ape with a similar hairstyle.

Instead of quitting while she was not ahead, Gloria Mendoza doubled down.

Good….you look like her. I don’t even know you and you called me a bully? You’re the bully….let’s see if you tell me that to my face. You’re the racist…you don’t like Hispanics. Wait til I spread that one around Santa Fe.

She then added, “Waters is a racist too.”

Valerie Kennedy duly screen capped that hot mess, and replied:

This is exactly why I referred to you as being a bully because you are one. I appreciate your projection about racism–you are clearly the racist here. Have a good night.

Screen capture with Valerie Kennedy and Gloria Mendoza sparring via Facebook Messenger over Mendoza's racist Maxine Waters meme.

Strangely, back in 2015, Gloria Mendoza posted a photo of a monkey on Facebook as her profile picture. But just when you’re thinking, “gee, maybe she’s not a racist and just has a thing for monkeys,” a  comment leaps out. When a friend remarked, “looks like Michelle Obama’s baby picture,” Mendoza didn’t call her out. She merely replied, “Lol.”

Photo: Gloria Mendoza posted a photo of a monkey as her Facebook profile picture.

In an update from The New Mexican, Gloria Mendoza denied she’s a racist and a bully. She added she doesn’t think the fallout will hurt Santa Fe Power, then warns, “But if they get nasty with me, I’ll get nasty with them.”

Gloria Mendoza doesn’t even live in Santa Fe, so why does she care about the proposed soda tax?

But here’s the kicker…Gloria Mendoza doesn’t even live within Santa Fe City limits, so why did she care about the proposed soda tax so much? Furthermore, her “grass-roots”  Santa Fe Power group is affiliated with the larger Smart Progress New Mexico. The Albuquerque Journal reports they finally — after missing two deadlines — filed their financial disclosures on April 10. And guess what?

Smart Progress says in its Monday filing that it has raised $11,300 since February and spent $9,510. Its big donor is Coca-Cola Bottling of Santa Fe, which on Friday announced $10,000 in contributions to Smart Progress via news release. The group’s other cash donors are The Boxcar Bar and Grill, which gave $1,000, and Loveless Johnson, head of Smart Progress, who put in $300.

In other words, the “grassroots” effort to deny a source of funding for Santa Fe’s preschool funding was bankrolled by the beverage industry.

The Albuquerque Journal calls Smart Progress’s haul a “drop in the bucket” compared to the over $900,000 Better Way for Santa Fe and Pre-K for Santa Fe received. Then again, A lot more people have a vested interest in funding preschools than in avoiding a soda tax.

Like many such groups, Smart Progress claims to be about small government, individual freedom, and having Santa Fe return to basics like roads and parks. But — as our fellow Americans in cities like Detroit and Flint have learned the hard way — small government tends to undermine public services and destroy communities.

Here’s the video with Gloria Mendoza’s live streamed rant during a Santa Fe City Council meeting.

Featured image: Gloria Mendoza via Facebook.

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