Outspoken Racist Frank Ancona Dies: Social Media Rejoices

Outspoken racist and KKK Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona has gone to that sweltering pit of burning hell that all bigots of his ilk have awaiting them, should there be a God and some form of moral justice that no man can escape. 

Frank here spent his life hating people because of their skin color or where they hailed from in the world. He spent his time trying to indoctrinate and recruit others and even had his 5 seconds in the public eye on Discovery Channel’s “Beneath The Hood”.

Frank was a hateful, mean-spirited member of an organization that longed for the days of the lynch mob and whites-only schools. Now it seems to be a classic case of you reap what you sow. His wife and stepson have been charged with his murder.

According to a probable cause statement, Frank was gunned down by his stepson as he slept. His loving wife decided to try to destroy the evidence and cover for her son which didn’t turn out all too well.

And as you may very well guess, many have some choice posthumous words for the klansman. Most notably found on his Facebook page which has been memorialized. Safe enough to say, there are far more people pleased with his demise than disheartened by it. Even Twitter is enjoying one less racist spreading his hatred with the hashtag #DeadAssKlansman.

But it seems Twitter simply couldn’t keep up with the outpouring on Frank’s Facebook page.

Frank’s last public post was one of him ironically referring to Texas Republican and faithless elector Chris Suprun as a “POS” because of his dubious claims to being a 9/11 first responder. Regardless, many were not concerned with Chris Suprun. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

These were just a few of the comments left on Frank’s page but there were several more. Of course, the racists came out of the woodwork as well however many of those comments were incredibly bigoted and will not be shared here.

Now many may not agree with the mockery of an incredibly hateful and racist bigot that spent his life wishing the worst on others because they didn’t meet his criteria for “master race” material. And maybe we should refrain from jumping in on the grisly enjoyment. However, 2016 took far too many of the good people. Balance must be restored to the force.

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