Cars Bulldoze Dozens Of Peaceful Protesters Amid Clashes In Charlottesville (Video)

A clash between white supremacists and their opponents turned deadly as a caravan of cars mowed down a crowd of peaceful protesters.

A clash between white supremacists and their opponents turned deadly as a caravan of cars mowed down a crowd of peaceful protesters. In July, armed members of the Loyal Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were booed and driven from their own rally in Charlottesville, Va. This time they were ready.

It all started on Friday night when supporters of the so-called “Alt-Right” marched on the Rotunda at the University of Virginia wielding torches and chanting, “You will not replace us.”  The Daily Progress reports fights broke out and police declared an unlawful assembly while blasting both white nationalists and their opponents with pepper spray.

UVa President Teresa A. Sullivan declared, “I am deeply saddened and disturbed by the hateful behavior displayed by torch-bearing protesters that marched on our Grounds this evening.” In her statement, she also condemned the rally and the violence as “inconsistent with the University’s values.”

Charlottesville has become ground zero for white supremacists since their city council voted to take down a statue of Robert E. Lee. They also renamed the surrounding park, which had been named after him, Emancipation Park.

Of course, Sullivan’s statement failed to deter hordes of angry white people — and those who oppose them — from showing up at Emancipation Park in Charlottesville the next day for their Unite the Right rally. Despite the presence of 1,000 police officers, the Virginia National Guard, and other first responders, fights broke out.

On Saturday The Virginian Pilot reported in contrast to the clashes in Emancipation Park, hundreds of Antifa (anti-fascist) protesters we marching peacefully through the streets of downtown Charlottesville. Here’s a video from Alex Rubinstein, a reporter for RT America.

Or, at least, their march was peaceful until a caravan of cars bulldozed them. Rubinstein managed to catch the disturbing incident on video as it unfolded and tweeted, “#BREAKING: I just watched a car plow through dozens of protesters. Extremely heavy injuries #Charlottesville”

Don’t watch the video if you’re squeamish. Although it’s not outright gory, there’s a lot of screaming and the scene is terrifying.

It’s hard to unpack what’s going on in this video because it’s so chaotic and horrifying. You can see the maroon car approaching, and then the aftermath of people screaming and victims being treated for their injuries as the car moves from through the crowd. We can see the purple car has massive dents, that likely came from the people struck. The camera later pans in on a silver car with a blood-spattered windshield.

Photo of blood-spattered windshield of car that plowed through protesters in Charlottesville, Va.
Image: Video screen grab/Alex Rubinstein/Twitter.

It appears at least one other car was involved as well. Rubinstein’s camera later shows the same silver car had a blood-spattered windshield, a smashed in trunk, and a custom license plate that reads, “GODKPMF.”  The reporter then spoke with a witness on the scene in downtown Charlottesville. He said cars were blocked by protesters as cars tried to leave and formed a caravan.

“They pulled out of the parking spaces, and then they were driving through people.”

The “first few” cars drove away with little incident. The last one was more aggressive and “bulldozing through people,” so people chased it down and threw objects at it. The witness himself was hit on the leg, but assures us he’s fine.

The witnesses’ account leaves it unclear whether the protesters meant to block the cars from leaving or whether they just happened to be in the way. However, the following video leaves no doubt that at least one of the drivers meant serious business.


Police later pulled the driver over and took him into custody.

Fox News later reported the caravan in Charlottesville was an “intentional, collaborative attack.” 19 people were injured and at least one person died.

A witness told Fox he even heard one of the “Unite the Right” protesters telling the drivers, “Go that way, go that way.” In other words, as the newscaster explained, “You actually had someone directing traffic, if you will.”

Featured image: Video screen grab | Alex Rubinstein | Twitter.

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