Racist Explodes On Michaels Cashier Then Claims She Is The Victim (VIDEO)

(image via screengrab)

In an apparent psychotic break, a woman in a Chicago-area Michaels decided she was being discriminated against because she voted for Trump.

Of course, nobody knew she voted for Trump until she started screaming it out to the entire store.

Bigot Verbally Attacks Minorities In Chicago-Area Michaels

The bigots on the right are becoming more and more emboldened in the days following the election. Hate crimes against Muslims alone have surged 67% according to the FBI. New York has created a special unit for specifically combatting the spike in hate related crimes in the city. It seems daily that we are seeing a new hate-filled racist note sent to somebody or a new video of some bigot hurling racial epithets and slurs. Truly Trump has exposed the seedy underbelly of American racism showing all of us that nothing has really changed since the Civil Rights Movement.

These awful people are constantly playing the victim. A Mexican took their job or an African American was discriminating against them as in this case. They are afraid that they are losing their country and want to take it back from the minorities, failing to realize that the fact there are minorities means they are still very much the majority race. It’s almost akin to the ridiculous and manufactured ¬†War on Christmas or War on Christianity. It isn’t happening but people are still freaking out about it.

This woman was simply asked by the cashier at the Chicago-area Michaels if she would like to buy a larger canvas bag as the product she was purchasing would not fit. Seeing this harmless proposition as an affront to her white privilege, she began to go on a 45-minute tirade about how she was the victim and being discriminated against by the African American cashier because she voted for Donald Trump according to Glenn Cosby.

Watch the monster of a human being make a full on ass of herself. Maybe instead of shopping she should just stick to her Klan meetings and leave the rest of civilization alone.

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