Rachel Maddow Just Eliminated Any Chance Of Chris Christie Or Jeb Bush Winning In 2016 (VIDEO)

credit via youtube screen capture

Granted, both candidates have been “longshots” for awhile now. Now they are “no-shots” thanks to Rachel Maddow and her reporting. Maddow effectively put the final nails in both candidates coffin in a single report. She began with Chris Christie.

Maddow showed how easy lying comes to Christie. As one report in 2015 noted,”The Governor lies like the rest of us brush our teeth, as a matter of routine.”

She uses two big whoppers from the debate to make her point. First, Christie stated that he never supported the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court. That lie is easily shown just by going to Christie’s hometown newspaper, where they printed his official letter of support for the judge. In that letter, he clearly states that he “supports her nomination’ and urges the Senate to vote for her confirmation to the high court.

Next, Rachel fact checks another whopper of Christie’s when he stated he never gave money to planned parenthood. The same hometown newspaper has Christie in 1994 clearly stating he has done just that. The kicker here is that the reporter who wrote the article in 1994, Brian Murray, is now Christie’s own spokesperson in the governor’s office. He might have a hard time writing that one off to a “liberal media conspiracy.”

After disposing of Christie, Maddow essentially eliminates Jeb Bush as well. Not so much for lying like Christie, but the words of Bush’s biggest supporters / donors clearly show ‘the writing is on the wall.’ Donors are describing a donation to Bush as a ‘waste of money’ at this point. Combine that with a “kiss of death.” Lyndsey Graham endorsement which stunk of awkwardness and one doesn’t have to be Nate Silver to see Bush has no chance at this point.

Check out the great clip HERE:

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