Rachel Maddow Ruthlessly Roasts Spicey’s Bumbling Incompetence (Video)

Rachel Maddow

If Sean Spicer has taken anything from his experience in the White House so far as Press Secretary, it must be how different brands of shoe leather taste as he is continually sticking his foot right into his mouth. His most recent comments on Tuesday certainly raised the ire of citizens of the United States as he made a rather horrendous attempt to compare Bashar al Assad’s chemical attack in Syria to something worse than the atrocities of the Holocaust. Enter the Queen of Cable News: Rachel Maddow.

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Of course, this isn’t the first stupid thing to come out of Sean Spicer’s mouth. When he first introduced himself to the nation as Press Secretary it was to inform all of us that Donald Trump had the largest audience in attendance to Trump’s inauguration possibly in history. Even though the American people could plainly see with their own eyes that this simply wasn’t true, Spicer pressed on insisting that it was while offering no metric by which to prove his brain-addled assertion.

Oddly enough, when Donald Trump later took over the @POTUS Twitter account, he used a photo from Obama’s inauguration as the accounts cover a photo to somehow assert the size of his own crowd. Nobody was fooled and the press ate him alive for it.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow steps up to the plate to take a swing at Spicer. Looks like a home-run.

You almost want to feel sorry for Sean Spicer. He has no idea what Trump’s policies are, mostly because Trump doesn’t either aside from “wall” and “Muslims bad.” And he can’t even pronounce names properly, fumbling and bumbling over Malcolm Turnbull’s name, the Prime Minister of Australia, as well as Bashar al Assad’s name. You know, the despot we just ineffectually bombed basically throwing away $30 million USD.

And Rachel Maddow isn’t letting him escape unscathed. Ms. Maddow lambasted Spicer over his incompetence relentlessly shaming him in front of millions of Americans. Check out her ruthless takedown of Sean Spicer below.

Featured image of Rachel Maddow via screen capture from The Rachel Maddow show.

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