The Trump Train Is Crashing

Until recently, the Trump name conjured images of glitz and glitter and gold-plated faucets. It was associated with luxury and playgrounds for the ultra wealthy. Today, all of that seems lost under a litany of descriptives that more closely tie the Trump name with racism, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim demagoguery, and a Twitter account laced with insults, childish name-calling, and conspiracy theory re-tweets.

One would think, that would be enough to discredit someone running for dog catcher, let alone President of the United States. But not this year.

Money might not be enough, but it sure helps

In 2016, it is the public perception of the cancerous affects of Citizens United that gave rise to Trump’s successful anti-establishment primary campaign. It may also ultimately bring it down. Corporate money is at the heart of this season’s electoral revolt, and it is money, or a lack of it, that is derailing the candidacy of the divisive New York billionaire.

According to Politico:

Donald Trump’s newly released fundraising figures proved so anemic that Republican operatives are still shaking their heads and rubbing their eyes to make sure they read the numbers correctly.

The presumptive Republican nominee — who frequently boasts about his vast personal fortune — reported a paltry $1.3 million cash on hand Monday evening, a total not even in the same ballpark as Hillary Clinton’s $42.5 million.

For establishment Republicans looking for an excuse to distance themselves from Trump’s controversial comments, a dried-up well of money and falling poll numbers pretty much seals the deal for them. The rats are jumping ship.


Like a row of dominoes, Trump’s political tower is falling, piece by piece. What’s knocking them down are racist remarks, the legal battle over Trump University fraud, lack of political discipline, multiple positions on key issues, and an unfavorable rating so high it has made history.

The fall of Trump might be bad for the Republican Party, but it would be good for the country in more ways than one. In addition to sparing America from potentially disastrous economic and social policies, the GOP Leadership admits, it doesn’t much care about doing what’s best for the country. The priority for the Republican Party is holding on to power down-ballot, where they can continue to inflict as much damage as possible to working class Americans.

Featured image: flickr/Vince: Trump photo: Gage Skidmore

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