Portrait Of A Sexual Predator

They can be very charming, beguiling, with chameleon like qualities. They are experts at reading people, which to them, is their most valuable quality. You see, being able to read people helps them choose their prey. They instinctively know who to stalk, who to pounce on, who needs time-consuming but worthwhile grooming and who to avoid. Right and wrong do not exist in their world, only winning and losing and they have to “win’ at all costs.

They love what they do, love having all that control over their victims. The chase is exciting, the conquest heady. It fuels their drive for more and more and more and more. And though sex is the goal, power is the catalyst, the force driving the perversion. Some people get gratification from achievements in careers, sports, education, philanthropy etc. Sexual predators get off on manipulation.

Predatory behavior starts early in life.  It’s like a career of sorts. And they perfect their “craft” over time, leaving a trail of victims in their wake if they are not stopped. There is no definitive cure for sexual predators except shackles to contain them or death.

Unshackled and unchecked, they hunt constantly for the next “fix.” They can sometimes hide in plain sight, go undetected and other times they leave a slew of clues. And they are not the scary looking monsters we mislead our children into believing. They are fathers, brothers, priests, pastors, politicians, rich businessmen, moguls and shockingly, even presidential nominees and presidents. Yes, monsters do not always look like monsters, which allow many of them to slither among us with impunity.

Therefore, those clues some of them leave can be overlooked or ignored because they are pillars of the community, family friends or so rich, powerful and famous, that victims do not dare speak publicly. Some might even be infatuated with the predator’s celebrity power. Make no mistake, when they do leave clues, they are showing us how brazen they are, for they feel extremely secure in their power. The world is their oyster and dining has no limits. It’s all for the taking—their taking though, not anyone else’s.

Some sexual predators are equal opportunity offenders and anyone would do, old young, male female. Others have preferences. Some go after only the very young—innocent, defenseless children. Those are the most abominable monsters lurking in our midst.

Then there are those who also love the young and may secretly be a pedophile, but will publicly date or marry the barely legal. The older the perverts’ get, the younger the woman on their arm. But they will not be satisfied with just her. For to a sexual predator, the hunt is the best part. They will always want and want some more. And will take without asking.

Some have no boundaries, therefore, will not confine their sick appetites. These super sexual predators will prey on family members, even their own children. This depravity defies all morality but to the predator is as normal as breathing.

Outwardly they may look like one of us but internally there is a dark, bottomless cesspool. They shun societal rules, rules the rest of us abide by. There is no moral compass, and this frees them up to live comfortable in that sewer of unbridled deviance.

So what predatory category would you place a 46-year-old man who once looked at a 10-year-old child and joked about dating her in 10 years?

What predatory category would you place a father who joked about marrying his daughter if he could or who has left miles of audio where he obsessively objectifies women and jokes about ogling their naked bodies, even girls as young as 15 years old?

What predatory category would you put a father who seemed compulsively obsessed with his daughter’s “gorgeous body,” compounding that sickness with telling another man he can objectify this same daughter by referring to her as “a piece of ass?” 

What predatory category would you put a man who openly brags about sexually assaulting women, then chalk it up to locker room talk or male banter?

What predatory category would you place a man who says he can’t help finding beautiful women magnetic? Who can’t help kissing and fondling their private parts without permission—and that being rich lets him get away with it?

What predatory category would you place a man who is accused of raping a 13 year old girl and who currently has rape charges filed against him by more than one woman?

What category would you place a man who is being accused by several women of sexual assault that span decades?

And would it help you come to a faster conclusion if I told you all of the above were done by the same man?

I am not a shrink so what makes me an authority on sexual predators, you may ask. I have felt the fiery breath and smelled the terrible toxic stench of those beasts since I was about four years old. I know first hand the devastating damage they can do. I know firsthand the deep depravity that drives them and has the internal radar to spot them for miles. The subterfuge, the mask of multiply faces presented to the world, the manipulation, the deception, decadence and deviance and the oily affability.

Stop teaching your children that monsters are fairy-tale ugly gremlins in closets or under the bed; teach them who the real predators are. They may be slithering right in your home or next door. They may even be slithering on television running for president.


About Veronica Roberts 57 Articles
One thing is certain, we are living in incredibly precipitous times and though it looks gloomy from the top, all is definitely not lost. Activism has awoken to heady heights; citizen involvement deeply refreshing and civics awareness is growing daily. Moreover, a revolution of spirit and togetherness is undulating throughout the land. So do not despair-- for a resilient, united, vigilant people can move mountains and overcome anything.

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