Hilarious New Poll Reveals The Reason Why Donald Trump Will Never Win (VIDEO)

A startling new poll about Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton proves there are some things even American voters just won't do.

Would you sleep with Donald Trump for $1 million?

Donald Trump doesn’t want us to know he’s way ahead of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders by over 10 points in a startling — and hilarious — new poll: Which candidate would people not sleep with, not even for a million dollars.

Despite Donald Trump’s poll numbers, the majority of us find him utterly repellent.

Donald Trump loves bragging about his poll numbers, especially now that many matchups show him in a dead heat with — or doing better than — his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Right after the long Memorial Day weekend Donald Trump crowed triumphantly over an NBC/Survey Monkey poll that showed him closing in on Hillary Clinton by 45 percent to her 47 percent.

By Thursday, Mein Trumpf had even surged ahead of his Democratic rival by two points in a poll run by the Washington Post and ABC News.

But here’s the one poll we won’t see Donald Trump bragging about, even though he’s way ahead.


The Huffington Post reports 360couponcodes.com, a popular website with the online couponing crowd, polled a thousand members with “an indecent proposal”: Would you have sex with His Hairness for a million dollars? 53.1 percent of women and nearly 55 percent of men replied with a resounding NO.

But wait. These avid couponers know the value of a dollar, and some of them are open to “The Art of the Deal,” as Little Fingers would put it.

According to the poll, Trump would have to offer an average of $1,354,830.83 before the women respondents would agree to sex. Men would settle, on average, for $1,099,872.67 to do the deed.

Yes, you read that right. The men would get down with the Donald for a scant $1.09 million while the women would hold out for $1.35 million. Go figure.

Both of the Democratic candidates appear to have more sex appeal than Donald Trump. Only 41 percent of the women and 36 percent of the men would turn down Hillary Clinton for a cool million, and just 44 percent of women and 47 percent of the men would kick Bernie Sanders out of bed.

With Hillary Clinton, the magic number for laggards is $1,267,732.96 for the women and $1,168,052.81 for the men. For some reason, the folks at 360 Coupon Codes didn’t even bother trying to upsell Bernie Sanders, which some might say proves the poll was rigged.

Mike Meade from 360 Coupon Codes says he finds this reassuring. Despite our love of capitalism, his survey suggests there are some things we Americans just won’t do.

“We know that Americans like to make money but there are some things that just go too far, We prefer to offer Americans ways of saving money with our easy coupon codes – and for the record — I wouldn’t sleep with Donald Trump for $1 million either.”

Why do voters find Donald Trump so unappealing? It might have a lot to do with the editor’s note the Huffington Post appends to the bottom of every single article about Donald Trump.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liarrampant xenophoberacistmisogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.

WATCH: USA Today reports 55 percent of men and 53.1 percent of women would not sleep with Donald Trump for $1 million.

Featured image: Composite by Elisabeth Parker.

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