Poll: GOP Is Still The ‘Stupid Party’ And Trump Still Loves The ‘Poorly Educated’

When former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R-Unemployed) called the GOP, “the stupid party” back in 2013, he was definitely on to something. And strangely, it was almost like he could see the future when Jindal said, “We had a number of Republicans damage the brand this year with offensive and bizarre comments.”

It seems that nothing in the Republican Party has changed since Jindal uttered those intuitive words.

One could argue that no one really listens to Bobby Jindal. But that doesn’t mean he can’t occasionally say something that’s actually true. The rise of Donald Trump proves that. And even if Trump doesn’t win the White House, he’ll almost surely enter the records books as the political candidate with the most “offensive and bizarre comments” ever recorded on camera.

Despite the mountains of news cycle and video evidence to support claims of Republican stupidity, the blame can’t be placed squarely on candidates who say or do stupid things. After all, they don’t go from being candidates to lawmakers without first winning the approval of voters. Which may explain the nonsensical display of bi-lateral ignorance in 2014, when voters defied all known forms of human logic by handing control of the US Senate to the “Stupid Party.”

With control of both the House and Senate, the ‘Stupid Party’ has done nothing to improve the lives of Americans, and some might even be blame them for making things a lot worse. But is voter’s remorse really setting in? Or is this just another round of we hate you but not enough to stop voting for you?

Poll Shows That The voters who elected all those people from the GOP ‘Stupid Party’ are upset.

According to an April 12-19, 2016, Pew Research poll:

“The Republican Party’s image, already quite negative, has slipped since last fall. Currently 33% of the public has a favorable impression of the Republican Party, while 62% have an unfavorable view. Unfavorable opinions of the GOP are now as high as at any point since 1992.”

Does this mean that come November, voters will suddenly connect the dots between bad governing and the “Stupid Party” and vote the GOP out of power? Maybe. Maybe not. As the Stupid Party’s current front-runner, Donald Trump likes to say, “I love the poorly educated.”

WATCH: Trump in Nevada: ‘I Love the Poorly Educated’

Featured image: flickr/ Gage Skidmore

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