Trump Supporter Judge Jeanine Pirro Blasts Comey Saying He ‘Disgraced And Politicized The FBI’ (VIDEO)

To be clear, Judge Jeanine Pirro is an adamant Trump supporter. She does not support Hillary Clinton and totally wants Trump to win. That is why her opening statement on her Fox News show came as a total shock … well, sort of …

Pirro emphatically and earnestly stated the Comey’s actions ‘disgraces and politicizes the FBI and is symptomatic of all that is wrong in Washington.’ She continued,  ‘Now you know I support Donald Trump and want him to win. But whether it’s Hillary Clinton or anyone else, Comey’s actions violate not only long-standing Justice Department policy, the directive of the person that he works under, the Attorney General — But even more important, the fundamental rules of fairness and impartiality.’ 

A surprising moment of candor from a stalwart GOP supporter? Well, yes and no. To a casual observer, Pirro is a GOP loyalist and a Trump supporter. If someone knows something about her own past and being the victim of such leaks, it isn’t so surprising.

Pirro explained;

10 years ago, when I was a republican-conservative candidate for Attorney General — in the home stretch of a statewide campaign, the Justice Department and the FBI violated their own policy against making public statements that would affect an election and announced to the press that they were opening an investigation of ME. It was mean spirited and of course, nothing came of it — except the adverse publicity cost me at the polls. What was done to me in 2006 was wrong. And what happened to Hillary Clinton yesterday was equally wrong. 

The Justice Department and the FBI’s policy to not comment publically about politically sensitive investigations within 60 days of an election exists for a very important reason — announcements so close to elections have an impact. 

Pirro went on to blast Comey’s actions and speculated about the reasoning behind ‘putting their thumb on the scales of justice.’ She debunked some of it, like Comey ‘didn’t have a choice.’ He did. Pirro also points out that Comey could have communicated to a ranking member of a Congressional committee and their deputy in private and avoided any leaks.

In Pirro’s case, she lost anywhere from 5-10 points when the investigation (that yielded nothing) was announced shortly before the 2006 election. We will find out in just a few days how much this announcement has unfairly, according to Pirro, affected the electoral process.

Of course, Pirro is no Clinton fan and at the end of her diatribe she went ‘full metal Comey’ and began to speculate about things that are hardly fact. She throws out scary words like indictments and impeachments with absolutely nothing or any precedent to back it up, much like Comey.

That might be the most surprising thing about her statement, that she would turn around and do the same thing as Comey had done immediately after explaining how wrong it was and how she, herself was the victim of such abuse of power.

Check out her full opening statement below;

It is also interesting to note that the banner below Pirro during much of her speech didn’t have a recent quote or paraphrase over what she was talking about, as it commonly does. It just said ‘opinion.’ Things that make ya go hmmm …


Another thing that makes some, especially on the left go ‘hmm’ is the noticeable trend that when things affect republicans personally, they tend to then only ‘see the other side.’ Examples being when Ronald Reagan neglected AIDS during his tenure, until their friend, Rock Hudson, was diagnosed. Ditto for Alzheimer’s. When the former President was diagnosed, Nancy became a champion for it. Then there is Dick Cheney who is surprisingly in the ‘pro’ column on same-sex marriage, and his own daughter is a lesbian.


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