Mike Pence Says Democrats Using Filibuster To Block Gorsuch “Unprecedented”


In this week’s episode of Face Meet Palm, Vice President Mike Pence seems to be pushing the bounds of mental gymnastics by claiming that Democrats threats to filibuster Trump’s Supreme Court nominee are “unprecedented“. Perhaps it is time Republicans find a new mascot. Maybe something akin to the attention span of the common fruit fly

Mike Pence and the rest of the Republican party should have seen this filibuster coming

Pence and other Republican leaders apparently have forgotten that for nearly a year they blocked President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. If anything, Republicans set a new precedent for obstructionism in the U.S Congress. They vowed to stand against anything Obama tried to accomplish even if that meant hurting their own constituents by blocking key subsidies in the Affordable Care Act that would have helped many families in their rather impoverished states to get the healthcare they never had access to.

Of course, these constituents were so eager to hate Obama for more than just his skin-tone.  Grasping at straws to deny their bigotry and point fingers to anything that might detract from the argument that they hated Obama because he is black. They bought hook, line, and sinker the rhetoric that the Affordable Care Act was bad or that there would be death panels and FEMA camps for any “patriot”. A term that has seemingly lost its true meaning for those on the right.

It will come as no surprise that these memory-deficient politicians and the sycophants that support them will quickly forget that they stood in the way of progress for eight solid years. They railed against Obama’s incredible economic comeback, tried to delegitimize him by claiming he was a Muslim born in Kenya, and yes, they even set the precedent for denying a Presidential nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States.

There will be no Mary Poppins coming to the rescue with a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Republicans must be ready to reap what they have sown. Resist.


(featured image via Flickr)

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