Does Paul Ryan See Donald Trump As Threat To The GOP’s Slavery To The Top 1 Percent?

When House Speaker Paul Ryan said he just wasn’t ready to support Donald Trump as the GOP’s 2016 presidential nominee, what he didn’t say is at least as significant, and it’s the thing the establishment fears the most. Trump, like Bernie Sanders, represents a threat to the top 1 percent money machine that has enslaved the US government.

Apart from Donald Trump’s racist and offensive comments, instability and questionable truthfulness, he has tapped into something bigger with voters; he is giving a voice to Americans who feel cheated by the way the GOP has tricked them into voting against their own interests, while they use verbal trickery to hide their intentions to transfer more and more wealth to the top 1 percent.

Bernie Sanders has also exposed the bondage of the political establishment for what it is. And Sanders has met similar, albeit more subtle, opposition from the Democratic Party establishment.

Sanders has not been shy about warning voters about the Koch brothers dangerous agenda, which is very much in line with current establishment priorities.

Donald Trump and the Republican Platform are at odds with the goals of the top 1 percent on many issues

It might be more than coincidence that there is a long money trail between Speaker Paul Ryan and the Koch brothers. This seems apparent in the direction of Ryan and the so-called conservative agenda of Tea Party Republicans.

The GOP’s blueprint for America’s future, ‘The Path To Prosperity’ was published by Speaker Ryan himself back in 2012, and again in 2015. Both are based on overt fear-mongering. What the plan basically says is that America will fall into some sort of horrible abyss if we don’t transfer even more wealth to the ‘job creators’ in the top 1 percent, then balance the budget by privatizing Medicare and Social Security and cutting programs that don’t benefit the top 1 percent.

Yes, this is a ‘path to prosperity’, but only for those who are already wealthy.

Voters are being sold a very misleading promise when they are told that ‘smaller government’ means anything good for them. It’s simply a focus group-tested phrase that disguises the transfer of wealth to the rich that has driven levels of income inequality to heights not seen since the 1920’s.

Donald Trump has been consistent on very few issues, but a compilation of his views suggest that he does not support shrinking the government down to a size that makes it completely useless. This puts him in direct conflict with Paul Ryan and the GOP agenda, which is largely funded by ALEC, the Koch brothers, and the Republican Party’s slavery to the top 1 percent.

Although Donald Trump has built his campaign, in part, on insisting that he is self-funding, and therefore not beholden to the donor class for special favors if he’s elected, he’s is still up against very powerful forces. Whether or not he’s fit to hold the office of the presidency is unknown. But clearly, the Republican Party sees him as dangerous for more than one reason.

Perhaps the entrenched political establishment see’s both Sanders and Trump as a threat to the bought-and-paid-for government they currently control. But it’s worse for Trump because Sanders has less of a chance of overcoming the hidden ‘Never Sanders’ plot that started long before the first votes were cast in 2016.

The real battle this election season is about the power struggle between the American oligarchy and it’s hold on our government. And while there may be no single candidate capable of upsetting that system, anyone seen as a threat to it, is grabbing the attention of 2016 voters and the party elites that want to keep things just they way they are.

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