Trump Guy: Being A “Patriot” Means “Taking Hillary Out”(VIDEO)

killing hillary is patriotic
Trumper thinks that patriotism means killing your opponent.

A Trump supporter named Dan Bowman talked about what being a “patriot” means to him, it means assassinating political opponents should you lose to them. He was clear, Hillary Clinton needs to be “taken out,” and he is “ready to be a patriot.” When asked what that means, the cocky troglodyte smiled, “take it however you want.” It is clear he was trying to instil fear and intimidate.

This has been an election year that will leave a scar. Not a cute, pink, even laparoscopic┬ásurgical scar, either. A jagged, rough, red and raised, “you got gored by a bull and lived to tell about it” kind of scar. Moments like the one you are about to live through show clearly why. The lunatic fringe has been shown to be more lunatic, and less fringe, than we thought.

It is un-American to kill politicians because we don’t agree with them. Murder is not a step in the American political process, regardless of what the easily led believe about Hillary Clinton’s “body count” of political adversaries.

Threatening to kill the President on national television, because it is “patriotic” must be condemned. However, with the current GOP nominee, Donald Trump, busy crying that Hillary Clinton knowing debate questions equals voter fraud and that he will put Clinton in jail if he wins… the question is who is there to condemn this that these zealots will listen to?

With Trump’s continued and baseless claims of voter fraud, we face an untenable future in which this kind of ravening rhetoric may actually breed bloodshed.

This is yet another reason we must not lose, to put this man into power would simply increase the number and anger of those that support him. As we watch Barack Obama’s 8th year in office draw to a close, wishing we could have four more years, think, for a moment. Do you believe that at the end of 8 years these people, willing now to kill should he lose,┬ábe willing to allow him to be replaced?


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