Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MASS) Just Torched Paul Ryan’s Hypocrisy On Obamacare Repeal

joe kennedy III
joe kennedy III

Upon learning they’re not quite evil and soulless enough, Republicans in Congress voted 217-213 to strip healthcare from 24 million Americans in a largely symbolic vote. I say symbolic because Trumpcare (or TrumpDon’tCare) will most likely die as much a slow and painful death in the Senate as the 24 million Americans expected to live under it. 2018 simply can’t some soon enough.

But Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass), grandson of Robert F. Kennedy and potential 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate, reminded Americans how hypocrites like House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) threw a tantrum over how Obamacare was passed.

Regarding process, Rep Kennedy said Republicans deliberately set up rules so they could jam a bill through before the American people get a chance to know the horrors that are in it. Here was Kennedy earlier today:

“This is not an effort to actually engage in good policy,” Kennedy told AOL News. “[Republicans] are not trying to find a way to get to yes with Democrats on this bill. They’re trying to find a way to satisfy a promise that they never thought they were going to have to do.”

But the real kicker is how Rep. Ryan flagrantly lied in the process

Kennedy held Ryan’s hypocritical feet to the fire when he brought up the fact that he failed to live up to his promise of always relying on non-partisan CBO (Congressional Budget Office) report before passing any legislation.

This is not how you structure a bill if you are proud of it, Kennedy said about the GOP’s Obamacare replacement — which studies show will strip coverage from some 24 million Americans. If you have confidence in your legislative solutions to the problems, this is not how you vote on it. You’d be wiling to engage potential opponents, to debate, to answer their questions. You would be confident in having it vetted by doctors, hospitals, nurses, seniors and veterans. You wouldn’t be trying to find a way to cut a back-room deal by members of your Caucus so then the moment you could count the 216 or 218 votes, to rush this through with no notice before people had a chance to vet it or explain the impacts, or explain to the American public what it means for them and their families.

Obamacare remains more popular than ever, and yet the modern-day Robespierres in Congress decided to instigate class warfare with this pure and utter giveaway to millionaires and billionaires. In short, they will pay dearly at the ballot box in 2018.

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