Open Carry Experiment Exposes Racism’s Finest Institution (Video)

In a video posted by Open Carry USA, a group of activists attempted a brave social experiment.  Their research question was one we’ve all wondered about:

What would happen if a black man tried to do what white open carry activists do, namely walking around with a scary AR-15 rifle?

The results aren’t surprising to anyone who is honest about the reality of racism in this country, but are nevertheless powerful and poignant:

Watch the video HERE:


I am tempted for my commentary to be, “’nuff said,” but I know that enough can never be said on the issue of racism until it is eradicated.  So first let me salute the extreme bravery of the black activist who put himself in danger for this video. I know that he wasn’t surprised by the response he got, and thank God he wasn’t shot outright!  Many black men will tell you again and again that just walking down the street in White America can be scary.  Sadly though, I think many white people will be surprised by the reaction.

That, my friends, is the real issue!  Regardless of how you feel about  the open carry issue, and despite your opinions about the police’s conscious motivations – the issue we should all be thinking about is the pervasive denial of racism in America.  White Americans assume that everyone else’s experience is the same as their own.  We take for granted the liberties and comfort we experience every day.  When a cop approaches me, I expect a conversation, I don’t expect a pat-down.  When I go to the store I don’t get followed by security.

It is convenient, and desirable to forget that many fellow Americans don’t get to pursue life and liberty without harassment and suspicion.  But the simple truth remains: “Liberty and Justice for all” is a myth we tell ourselves to feel better.  Until we open our eyes and admit what we don’t see, our most cherished ideals will remain a simple slogan and pipe dream.  Racism’s finest institution is our own color-blind eyes.


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