Nicolle Wallace On Trump’s Nomination: The Republican Party ‘Died Tonight’ (VIDEO)

You know the GOP's in bad shape when someone like Nicolle Wallace pronounces her party dead after Donald Trump's nomination speech.

You know the GOP’s in bad shape when someone like Nicolle Wallace pronounces her party dead after Donald Trump’s nomination speech.

The long-time Republican, author, political commentator and communications chief for George W. bush had joined an NBC panel to discuss events from the RNC’s final night. As thick flotillas of red, white and blue balloons drifted through the air and bounced in waist-high piles around the cheering crowds on the GOP convention floor, Nicolle Wallace grimly intoned:

“Listening to this, I was struck by two things I always believed during my two decades in Republican politics. One, the voters always get it right. And two, the Republican Party that I worked for two decades died in this room tonight.”

Now Nicolle Wallace is upset about racism and xenophobia in the Republican Party?

Wow. But wait, there’s more. Now Nicholle Wallace declares that all the fears of her former bosses have come true.

“We are now represented as a party by a man who believes in protectionism, isolationism, and nativism. And those are the forces that George W. Bush, and I believe John Mccain, too, were most worried about during their time as the leaders of the Republican Party.”

“You believe the party died tonight,” a stunned co-panelist asked. And Nicolle Wallace replied:

“Voters picked this guy. This is where the Republican party is now. They now are attracted to those forces of isolationism and protectionism. But the party I was part of for two decades is dead.”

Wait a cotton-picking minute, Nicolle Wallace. You’re part of a party that has promoted racism for the past 50 years to win elections and get white people to vote against their economic interests. You helped George W. Bush get us into a disastrous war and wreck the economy. And then you served as an adviser to that John McCain-Sarah Palin trainwreck which basically introduced Palin as Donald Trump 1.0. And now you decide to feel upset with Republican Party?

The party you think you’ve been working for died a long time ago.

Watch: Nicolle Wallace mourns the death of the Republican Party.

Featured image: Video screengrab NBC News.

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