Trump’s Latest (Unamerican) Tweet May Just Save The NFL He’s Been Attacking For Years

trump tweet save nfl kaepernick sons
San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore

The NFL has been “dying a slow death,” and “going the way of boxing” for many years. Less disposable income, taxpayer funding of stadiums, huge salaries and major recessions have all hit it hard. This morning, Trump may have single-handedly saved them, by trying to destroy them.

Following Trump’s seriously disgusting commentary that called Kaepernick and others who have “taken a knee” over systemic racism in the United States, “sons of bitches,” (after previously stating that some KKK, racists, and literal Nazi’s are “fine people,”) Trump lashed out at the NFL for standing up to him:

Yet again, the man at the helm of this nation is attacking an American outfit for the egregious sin of… disagreeing with him. Despite the fact that, back in February, a poll told us that 61 percent of the country doesn’t think he should be attacking companies that he is mad at for personal reasons.

Trump’s tweet above is exactly tantamount to the President of the United States calling for a boycott of a business because they refuse to support his agenda and that is as unamerican as it gets. It may fall short of “unconstitutional” but that doesn’t make it right or “American.”

Trump actually started attacking the NFL in 2014, according to his own Twitter. Which, coincidentally, is also when he failed to buy the Buffalo Bills due to low-balling them:

There are many who have been disenchanted with the NFL – especially when it became obvious that they were not going to hire Colin Kaepernick, the man whose knee started the very movement Trump maligned. But their show of solidarity with the players and those who they kneeled to represent has gone a long way to inspire the pride of a nation tired of Trump’s divisive racist rhetoric.

NFL players and owners, fans and even those who are ambiguous to football, stood, er, kneeled against the rhetoric:

No, self-proclaimed Nazi’s are not “fine people,” and those who protest a well documented, real problem in this nation are not “sons of bitches.” Or, if they are, their mothers are some pretty proud bitches, as Kaepernick’s mother, Theresa said; as are we all:

It remains to be seen how the NFL will handle themselves going forward, but if the reactions are anything to go by and they continue in this vein, Trump’s hateful hit will translate to a revitalized NFL. Once again, his penchant for slinging hate is going to boomerang and hit him in the… guts.

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