Netanyahu Threatens New Zealand: Backing UN Resolution A Declaration of War

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu

Evidently, Bibi Netanyahu has levied threats at New Zealand for backing the U.N resolution condemning Israel’s settlement building in territories already occupied by Palestinians.

Reports in Israeli media claim that Netanyahu called New Zealand’s Foreign Minister, Murray McCully before the resolution on Friday.

Netanyahu Is Throwing A Tempertantrum Because His Zionism Was Just Condemned By The Rest Of The World

Netanyahu’s call to the Foreign Minister was akin to one of Trump’s Twitter-tantrums. Only more eloquent.

“This is a scandalous decision. I’m asking that you not support it and not promote it.”

“If you continue to promote this resolution, from our point of view it will be a declaration of war. It will rupture the relations and there will be consequences. We’ll recall our ambassador [from New Zealand] to Jerusalem.”

These Israeli settlements are simply trying to push Palestinians out. Many Palestinians are simply evicted from their homes and Israeli’s are moved in.

The irony that a people that suffered similar horrors at the hands of a vile dictator before the Holocaust took place can participate in such heinous acts seems lost on many as the U.N resolution is being deemed an affront to Israeli security. The only aspect of this brand of Zionism that could be seen as a conflict with Israel’s security is that they are making more enemies than friends as they wall off an impoverished people in ghettos.

According to The Guardian:

“Israel responded furiously to the vote, threatening diplomatic reprisals against the countries that voted in favor. Diplomatic ties with New Zealand were temporarily severed and ambassador Itzhak Gerberg was recalled.”

That Netanyahu is turning his back on his allies because they condemned his actions against Palestinians should speak volumes of his character and the striking similarities he shares with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump himself had a few words for the U.N in an obvious and successful attempt at pandering to his base when he took to Twitter and condemned the resolution.

Our President-elect doesn’t seem to know how the world works and how peace is maintained. Many experts say that a two-state solution is the only path to peace. The only way to achieve said peace is if Israel permanently ceases it’s excursions into Palestinian occupied lands.

According to the Washington Post, settlement plans are currently postponed after the resolution.

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