NC Sen. Richard Burr May Be Under Investigation After Suggesting Clinton Be Assassinated (VIDEO)

Richard Burr gun violence

Once again we have our attention drawn to North Carolina concerning horrendous statements and actions made by the state’s elected officials. This time our eye is on Richard Burr as he alludes to Clinton being a target for gun violence.

You may remember Senator Burr as an NRA lackey doing the bidding of the gun lobby. The Senator has been a staunch supporter of the NRA. Burr has fought tooth and nail to prevent any common sense gun law reform that he could. Much to the ire of victims of gun violence.

There is nothing funny about gun violence

With several cases of voter suppression being reported from North Carolina alone, you may find yourself asking “what is going on with North Carolina?”

Now we can add alluding to shooting a former First Lady and Presidential candidate to the state’s absurd political resume.

In a tape leaked to CNN, Burr is heard saying  “nothing made me feel better” than seeing Clinton’s picture on the front of a rifle magazine at a gun shop. “I was a little bit shocked at that — it didn’t have a bullseye on it,” he cajoled  to his supporters.

Much to the bemusement of his supporters, Burr just made humor of political assassination.

Our nation has had its encounters in the past with such horrifying acts. We lost Abraham Lincoln to an assassination. We remember John F. Kennedy being gunned down in Dallas. Even those of us not alive at the time are impacted by the event. Even Ronald Reagan had a run-in with a would-be assassin. An assassin that nearly succeeded. McKinley, Taft, Jackson, Roosevelt, Garfield. All assassinated.

We lose leaders like ancient Rome. There have been approximately 5% of Presidents in the U.S killed while in office. That makes it one of the most dangerous jobs in America. The fact that this man would even jest about such a horrendous fate is monstrous. The fact that he can still do so after living through Kennedy and almost seeing it done to Reagan shows that this man has no empathy.

Richard Burr reported to the Secret Service

“On Monday evening, the Democratic Coalition Against Trump reported the threats made against Secretary Clinton by Senator Richard Burr to the North Carolina Secret Service,” according to a statement.

This is unacceptable. Even joking about killing a President or even a candidate show’s a lack of moral fiber.

“Thanks to Donald Trump’s place at the top of the ticket, Republicans, namely Senator Richard Burr, believe that they can joke about bulls-eyes being placed on the back of someone running for the highest office in the country,” Democratic Coalition Against Trump Senior Adviser Scott Dworkin said. “We cannot allow this type of rhetoric to continue in our political system- I can only hope it all will end when Trump is defeated next week.”

Listen to the report below the break …


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