NC Republicans Stumble Over Repeal Of Discriminatory HB2 LGBT Restroom Bill


It would seem Republicans are still trying to guard women’s restrooms in North Carolina by refusing to repeal HB2. Nothing pervy at all about a bunch of old white men wanting to know who goes into a public restroom and what kind of genitals they may have been born with. After hours of delay Wednesday, wavering Republican legislators stumbled with pushing through the repeal of North Carolina law HB2 which dictates what restrooms transgender people must use.

The addition of a six-month moratorium on cities passing ordinances for LGBT people — like the one in Charlotte, North Carolina that led to HB2, a bill that keeps lawmakers from passing anti-discrimination laws— caused Democrats to back away from the bill, calling it only a partial repeal. HB2 has caused job losses and sporting event cancellations and has been under heavy fire from LGBTQ rights groups.

Republicans remained split over supporting any repeal, putting the result of the session called by Governor Pat McCrory in the ‘dubious at best’ column.

Republicans debated the repeal measure that blocked local governments from passing ordinances against discriminatory employment practices or public policies related to restrooms for 180 days. But Republicans halted the debate after about half an hour and decided to have a private chat.

Democrats said this broke an agreement with Charlotte leaders who repealed its ordinance.

“This wasn’t the deal,” said Democratic Sen. Jeff Jackson. “This bill breaks this deal. Charlotte would not have repealed its ordinance if this was the deal.”

So basically they were going to vote on a repeal but give themselves a six-month window in which they could repeal the repeal because they simply care so damned much about who uses what restroom. Seriously, what a bunch of creeps.

“Today seems to be just about them still trying to not admit how badly they screwed up,” said Mara Keisling of the National Center for Transgender Equality. “They should admit they messed up and repeal the bill.”

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