Trevor Noah Hosts Right Wing Anger-Peddler Tomi Lahren (VIDEO)

Tomi Lahren Trevor Noah interview video
Trevor Noah's calm destruction of Tomi Lahren's angry talking points is beautiful

Tomi Lahren is the latest blonde-bombshell outrage-peddler for young conservatives. She is being marketed by Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and is a social media conservative darling. She sat down with Trevor Noah on The Daily ShowWithout ever losing calm, getting personal, losing his sense of humor or throwing a single insult, Noah shows us all that you don’t need to fight outrage with anger — it usually burns itself out in the face of facts.

Lahren is a veritable “I’m not racist, so even though my views are if you call me out on them you are intolerant” fountain of by-the-book conservative talking points. She thinks that the entire BLM movement is comparable to the KKK because a few people have done bad things. (However, don’t dare mention that the so-called racist “Alt-right” is part of Trump’s movement!) Her comments on Colin Kaepernick basically boil down to, he is an ungrateful whiny self-victimizer with no reason to protest (and unpatriotic to boot). And, she believes that Trump is really smart, so, though his “grab-em” comments are “indefensible” they don’t affect her opinion of his ability to govern American women (because women in far away countries have it worse). Basically, Lahren is the perfect poster child for Right Wing outrage on social media.

Noah showed a great deal of restraint, always dealing directly with her commentary (even her more asinine comments) and shuts down every single point handily. However, it seemed every time he dug deeper — like when he asked, what, in her opinion, was the right way for Kaepernick to protest? — she would revert to other points. Her only real answer to that question was that she, as a woman, was a victim longer than black people (!?!). But, she doesn’t protest, because apparently protesting is what makes people victims. So, basically, the right way to protest racial injustice is to ignore it, decoding Lahren’s nonsensical non-answers.

Tomi Lahren comes off like a spoiled kid who has never, not even once, attempted to understand anyone who isn’t exactly like her. Tomi proves the old saying, ‘those who judge will never understand and those who understand will never judge.’ Not because she doesn’t care but because she is too self-absorbed to understand that her opinions and experiences aren’t the most important. And because she really, really believes that if their experience is bad, that is their own fault: so why should she bother? (Literally, privilege personified.)

When the interview aired, as is common practice in television, only 6 of the 20 minutes were used. Lahren showed us all how non-victims protest: by saying liberals are weak and praising yourself for strength while expressing exactly what you are putting liberals down for. Passive-aggressive anger and blame, apparently, is more appropriate than taking a knee.

She later tweeted the entire interview that had been posted online at Comedy Central (oops) without acknowledging that her “liberal snowflake” comments were, actually, whiny protest:

The most telling moment of this interview is in the last seconds. Noah asks Lahren if she truly believes that Trump will keep his promises. Lahren answered, “I will be a vocal critic if he doesn’t.” Because not even the right-wing human outrage machine du-jour could bring herself to say that Trump will, indeed, keep his promises to the American people.

Watch the full video, here, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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