Trump Muslim Ban: The Of Islamophobia (Video)

Some nights, Samantha Bee just nails it. Sure, she throws in some snarky jokes and banter to entertain the audience, but the goal is to make a point. In other words, you come for the comedy, you stay for the spot-on information.

Last night, Bee began her show by giving a brief mention to the nomination of Trump’s Supreme Court pick, mostly to point out that he moved the announcement up two full days probably in an effort to distract from the disaster that his “Muslim Ban” has been. After the rushed executive order was implemented, chaos ensued. People who were cleared for entry in to the US, including children, senior citizens and people who had helped the US in Iraq (in exchange for being able to come to the US vs. being killed by the enemy for working with us).  While mass protests were going on, President Trump was bragging how great everything was going.

Bee likened the rollout to being “the of Islamophobia, the Ford Pinto of intolerance and a cocktail of New Coke and Zima poured onto a Microsoft Zune playing a loop of Jar-Jar Binks scenes from the Star Wars prequels.”

Bee then moved on to pointing out that no terrorists have killed Americans from any of the countries being affected.

She also pointed out that while the administration campaigned and bragged about having a Muslim ban if elected, now that there are actual Constitutional issues with such a thing, they are denying the “Muslim” part of the ban. Unfortunately, there are recordings, and Bee knows how to use them to show the lies.

Next on the “exposing lies” list was the false equivalency of what President Obama did in 2011 — adding vetting procedures and slowing down some things vs an outright denial of entry. Bee said it was like the difference between going to the DMV on a busy day and going to the Post Office on Sunday.

Through all this, Bee showed how the former “advise and consent” role of Congress is turning into “sit down and shut up” when it comes to anyone who dares criticize the new President.

Check out the fantastically fact-filled clip below and don’t be afraid to have a few laughs while you learn;

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