MSNBC OWNS Trump For Lying In Embarrassing Video

Clear Vision of His Movement

Donald “The Donald” Trump was on This Week with George Stephanopoulos this Sunday and had a lot to say. This is not news, since Trump always has a lot to say about a lot of topics. As usual with a majority of these topics, Trump was dead wrong. Stephanopoulos questioned Trump on his claim, made in Birmingham, Alabama at a rally, that he witnessed Muslim Americans “celebrating and cheering” the fall of the towers.

In a phone interview with Stephanopoulos (because, let’s face it, George doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude or ass-kissing power of his colleague, Barbara Walters, to face the idiot) Trump doubled down on the lie that Arab Americans cheered the fall of the two towers.

The rumor is an old one, first credited by Paterson, NJ Police who investigated a report that there had been “dancing in the street” by Muslims. This report shows that, when the Paterson Police arrived at the scene, they found Muslims praying.

Trump seems to be on a racist kick of late, started in no small part by his racists remarks about Mexicans and Americans of Latino descent.

Recently, at a rally, Trump egged on several of his supporters to attack a black man who had come to protest Trump, aiding and abetting in inciting violence .

Trump has even tweeted wildly inaccurate if not blatant lies on African Americans. Mr. Trump is riding a wave of racism and hate, and it’s cresting to a high point. From that height, it’s not going to be easy to have a soft landing. Mr. Trump’s name brand has now and forever been linked with racism. From accepting the endorsement of White Supremacist groups to this new “idea” he seems to be claiming for himself of requiring a data base for Muslims.

It seems Mr. Trump’s streak of 1950’s pre-Civil Rights racism and hatred will go unabated. Facts are stubborn things, though, and they stand like granite rock in the political landscape. Mr. Trump needs to learn the lessons of David Duke and other white supremacists who sought public office and the highest of those offices. Donald may come out of this with a whole skin and a full bank account, but his credibility will be shot.

Trump is already ignoring several call-outs on his skewed view of history. A rumor often flies around the world before the truth has a chance to put its shoes on. And a rumor sticks like slime, but it eventually is evaporated by the harsh light of truth. Being informed voters is a duty, not a privilege. We owe it to history to relegate the Trumps to the dustbin.

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