MONEY, MONEY And MORE MONEY– Trump Shows His Real Reason for His Bogus Campaign (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is not only a product of the GOP conservative nightmare. He is, in many respects, a product of the Reagan Era, the 1980’s. Reagan created new little Frankenstein monsters during his administration wherein he introduced the “trickle down” method of wealth distribution. A method his own Vice President, George Herbert Walker Bush called “voodoo economics.”  Of course Bush changed his tune once he was nominated along with Reagan as VP, but he did make the point that the “trickle down” is nothing more than wishful thinking.

Donald Trump came along during this fantasy that everyone was about to become wealthy.  To be honest, he surfed the wave Reagan created and used the methods the 97th Congress put into place to give him the edge to seem like a force of economics to be reckoned with.  In reality, Trump used the bankruptcy laws to his advantage, cheated many, made a public image of himself as a success, all on methods the Reagan Administration either created or touted to make this new “wealth” in America that was just the old “every man for himself” playbook.

Given this, who would be surprised that Donald Trump is now using the Republican Presidential Debates as a method of making money for self-aggrandizement?

CNN Debate

This is not the first time Mr. Trump has pulled this kind of stunt.  True, in the following video, Mr. Trump was just “spit balling” about being paid due to his belief that he, and he alone, was responsible for the up-tick in ratings for the debates.   He won’t say it, but he does.

Fair warning, the hot air created by this video has been known to cause dry hair follicles; use a good leave-in conditioner after viewing.

One thing about this is that the above video took place around three months ago.  Credit should go to someone at CNN for low-balling Mr. Trump into offering $5 million instead of $10 million.

Someone must have read his book, The Art of the Scam, er, Deal.

Trump managed to survive the debacles of Wall Street by steering just clear of breaking the law.  In point of fact, he admits to using the law to further his own gain.

To many, this is the reason that they admire Trump.  Everyone likes a rascal.  They are tricky, they dodge the authorities, they use laws and twist them to their advantage.  From Arsene Lupin to Gordon Gekko, this country and the world admires the ruthless thief who gets away with it, seemingly without hurting anyone.

Greed, indeed, has been good to Mr. Trump.

He avoided the investigations that came about for Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken, Jeff Skilling, Kenneth Lay, and Arthur Anderson of Enron fame, and Trump’s one time biggest rival, Martha Stewart (don’t ask me where the hate came from, I thought breeding them would make a great weaponized hybrid who could take out Putin).

You would think there would be a grateful Trump, one whose ego would be in check and who would, himself, donate to charities like the Veteran’s, AIDS research and the other charities he listed in the video of three months prior.  After all, he is, at least in his own mind, a success who avoided the other pitfalls.

Note that at the 1:14 second mark of the video from three months ago that Trump goes into a faux concern attitude and says “I don’t know, it might not look right” after his pitch that CNN should pay him $10 million dollars.

Yet here we are, and he’s offering $5 million.  One might surmise that Mr. Trump has a line where “it looks right” to hold a Presidential debate hostage.


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