Mike Pence Scared About What’s Hiding in his Emails

Mike Pence

After over a year of bashing Clinton on emails it would seem that Vice President-elect Mike Pence is getting nervous about what’s in his.

Mike Pence wants to completely restrict public access to his communications and experts are saying that this will set a dangerous precedent.

Mike Pence thinks some rules just shouldn’t apply to him.

The emails in question are between Pence and Governor Gregg Abbott of Texas. Abbott is most remembered for sending the Texas State Guard to “keep an eye” on a U.S military exercise called Jade Helm. Abbott feared that this was an attempted invasion of Texas. He must have thought that Obama was trying to force Texas to join the United States or something.

The emails were in regards to a lawsuit that Indiana joined at the behest of Mike Pence concerning Barack Obama’s executive actions in November of 2014 to “fix America’s broken immigration system.”

The reason Mike Pence wants these emails kept from the public eye? The email is being sought by a Democratic labor lawyer who says he wants to expose waste in the Republican administration. Pence had hired a private law firm using tax payer dollars to sue the U.S government. Pence would hate it if his fiscally conservative facade where to be cracked by showing the seedy underbelly of his dealings.

According to the Indianapolis Star:

“Pence produced the documents in the request ‘but those documents included substantial redaction,’ according to court documents. The 57-page response also included an email that Daniel Hodge, Abbott’s chief of staff, sent to 30 recipients in various states asking them to join the lawsuit against Obama. The message included an attached white paper, but the governor failed to produce the document, according to court records. After a yearlong [legal process], the Superior Court held that the issue was not a matter for the courts to decide, citing a Indiana Supreme Court case decided just days before.”

“It comes down to this: the court is giving up its ability to check another branch of government, and that should worry people.” – Gerry Lanosga, Indiana University media professor specializing in public records law.

In a 4-1 ruling the Indiana Superior Court ruled that the Indiana Constitution’s separation of powers clause rendered the legislators redaction nonjusticiable. A legal term that means they don’t think they have any authority over the matter.

An appeal has been filed with the court of appeals set to hear the latter on November 21st.

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