Michael Moore Offers Perspective On Election Outcome (VIDEO)

Michael Moore on CNN with Jake Tapper

Michael Moore has been a conduit of hope for a better future among Democrats since the disastrous results of the general election. And while his words aren’t always what we want to hear, they are what we need to acknowledge.

Michael Moore Gives His Take On Clinton’s Loss

When Jake Tapper asked Michael Moore about Clinton’s claim of FBI involvement costing her the election, Moore replied that he thought it was a contributing factor. Moore also states that he has called on President Obama to appoint a special prosecutor regarding FBI Director James Comey’s involvement in this election fiasco.

The idea that an organization that is supposed to uphold the law would engage in manipulation of an election is bordering on a coup and he committed a clear violation of FBI protocol.

However Michael Moore doesn’t rest the defeat solely at the feet of the disgraced FBI Director.

Tapper and Moore go on to discuss that another failing was ignoring rural America which turned out in droves in support of Trump.

Moore says that while many in Michigan understand that they are being mistreated by establishment Republicans in regards to Flint and Detroit; they are also becoming aware of a growing neglect by establishment “old-school” Democrats. He states that these communities get paid a lot of “lip service” but that actions are rarely if ever taken.

He also says that Trump will be the last one to visit Flint and that the people of Michigan are about to find that out the hard way.

Moore on Oprah Comments

In a chat with CNN, Oprah Winfrey said that seeing Donald Trump and President Obama sitting down together and talking gave her hope. This received a lot of backlash in social media.

In response Moore stated, “Democrats would probably have a lot better luck if they ran Oprah.” He continues to ask why we don’t run “beloved people” and points to Reagan and Schwarzenegger as examples that Republicans have done this in the past.

Moore also says that while Trump and Obama sitting down also gave him hope, it was for different reasons. Moore says that Trump appeared “so out of place” and that Obama had “15 or 16 um’s” when trying to find something nice to say about the authoritarian President-elect.

Michael Moore has also come out in support of Keith Ellison for chairman of the DNC. Moore says that we need a more progressive Democratic party leadership.

Watch the full interview below on some of Michael Moore’s insights into the election.


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