“Yes We Can”: People Share Their Most Inspirational Obama Moment (VIDEO)

Obama Moment

From turning around the economy after the disasters of a two-term Bush presidency with over fifteen million jobs created to epic mic drops, Barack Obama has certainly been a memorable President. Certainly, his White House Correspondents’ Dinners were outstanding.

But there were so many genuinely human moments from Obama that we simply have not seen in a President before. He is a master orator that wears his heart on his sleeve and despite all the hatred and bigotry flung his way over the last eight years, has maintained a calm composure. The only cracks in his steely veneer coming after such national tragedies like Sandyhook.

Everyone has a favorite Obama moment. Well, maybe not Republicans.

Barack Obama has certainly been an inspiration to many around the country and around the globe. However, during his two terms as President, we have seen some pretty erroneous but hastily believed stories about Obama coming from the racists and “alt-right” fascists.

First, it was his birth certificate, of which Donald Trump was a big proponent of this hairbrained idea. Obama was relentlessly attacked and still is by many to this day for having allegedly produced a fake birth certificate. Many still allege he was born in Kenya and is a practicing secret Muslim. You know, because making gay marriage legal is about to happen in Iran. *sarcasm*

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”      -Barack Obama

As we reflect back on the last two terms of strong economic leadership, we may find our own Obama moment that impacted us in a way that changed our lives. That is just what Ellen Degeneres, Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio and many, many others came together to do as we prepare to bid farewell to President Barack Obama.

Enjoy the touching video below courtesy of The White House.



(featured image via screengrab)

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