Mark Cuban Takes The Gloves Off And Gives Trump A Billionaire B*tch Slap (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert is back in his element. The GOP convention has brought out the comedic gold on the late night host’s program. Monday night saw Colbert bring back both Jon Stewart and his ‘Colbert Nation’ persona from his Comedy Central days. Tuesday night brought us a faux Melania Trump’s spot-on impression and hilarious denial of plagiarism. Last night, Colbert featured billionaire Mark Cuban.

Cuban, who was a guest on the show also joined Colbert for this segment of the recurring sketch ‘Take The Gloves Off’ — and take them off he did. Cuban unleashed a series of ‘digs’ at Trump that had the crowd laughing hysterically.

A few samples;

  • Speaking of gloves, I got you a pair for your birthday — you are a child’s medium, aren’t you?
  • When going through customs and they ask you if you have anything to declare — don’t say ‘bankruptcy.’
  • The only way you are worth 10 billion is if I pay you 9 and a half billion to WASH MY BALLS!

It was truly a billionaire bitch-slapping. But wait … there’s more!

Check out the hilarious clip below:

Later on the show, the billionaire joined Colbert for a more traditional ‘sit down interview.’ The first thing Colbert pointed out was that when Trump began his run for the White House last year, Cuban was a supporter. A year later, Cuban is part of the ‘never Trump’ movement.

‘At the beginning, he was a businessman and I wanted to see a change from the traditional politician, but then he went and opened his mouth, He had a really good chance to be different and really had a chance to change things but he doesn’t do the work — he’s lazy.’ 

Cuban added that he didn’t know how much debt Trump has but begrudgingly gave credit to Trump for ‘being a billionaire’ in the technical sense. Cuban also added that he has considered running for President himself but a third party run would be out of the question The reason being that if he won any state, the election would go to the House of Representatives to decide, which is controlled by the GOP.

Cuban also pointed out that none of Trump’s business partners have spoken up for him or contributed in any way to his campaign. That was a huge ‘red mark’ against Trump. Cuban also spoke to some past partners of Trump and that confirmed what he had observed, essentially. Cuban is now firmly ‘anti-Trump.’

Check out the full interview below:


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